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The silence was awful. I awkwardly stood in line to get tested. I was about to enter Moonlight Falls, a camp and school for mystical creatures. It was full of faries, witches, werewolves, and (terrifying) vampires. I guess there are more, but I don't really know. The school takes people who were meant to be supernaturals but were born human. After taking the test, we get converted.

"Next, Aria Cloud?" The telecom calls. I nervously walk down the stainless steel hallway, fiddling with my dark blonde hair. I sit in the chair and close my eyes. The instuctor hands me the test and I fill it out.

"So, how'd I do?" I ask reluctantly. The instructor took a deep breath.

"Well, this may be a bit hard to explain, but-" I cut her off. "Tell me how I did." I say agirly. "You're different. You're not technically supernatural. You're a shapeshifter." I swallow nervously. "So where the hell do I live then?" I say. "Where the instuctors won't realize it. You've got a gift, but you can't let anyone know. Choose your living place wisely. Wherever you choose will cause your main form." She says. I don't really understand it, but I guess I'll go with my gut and go with where I know I belong.

Back to where my parents are from... back were I was fed that elixir that nearly killed me, back where I was turned human. Back where my parents were killed, and back where I got that prophecy that forced me to leave.

Back to Camp Fusion. 


So, here's chapter 1. This beginning is kinda inspired by divergent, but in no way is it fanfiction. It's a bit of a sequel to Young Olympian, but you don't have to have read it to get this. Peace!

Chapter 1

I stood at the portal. Blue-green swirls radiated and hit my hands like sparklers. I watched one girl walk into the fictional lands portal, followed by a scream. Must've gotten into The Hunger Games. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and stepped into the portal.


"I'm suprised that you returned, after, you know-" Hestia starts. "I know, I know. But word's spread that the prophecy wasn't real." I say, sitting down in a chair. "Yeah, it was just a bit of a prank from Hades. But the elixir... how'd you get back here? How are you a freaking goddess after you were turned human by the titans?" Hestia says with excited anger in her voice. "Well, I found this place one day called moonlight falls where you get tested to become a supernatural. I rigged the test to register me as inbetween, so I could choose my path. Got it?" I answer as I look out the window. "Wow, you really got the Athena from your mom. I think you'll also be pleased to see that we've built our cabin for children of children of olympians. Tyler here will show you to it. You'll be staying in one of the rooms since you're, well, kind of a legend around here." Hestia says. I step out of the portal room and out into the familliar sight of the gravel paths and dozens of cabins. I look around to try to find Tyler. I can remember always having a bit of a crush on him. And i'll admit, I still do. "Tyler! Over here." I call to try to find him. "I'm coming, just a secon- ARIA! OH MY- HOW'D YOU GET BACK HERE!" He says. I smile and we start down the gravel path.

"Well, it all started after you-know-what happened on our first quest..." I say. I guess you understand what else I said, I mean, I explained it already like five minutes ago. Moving on. "So, where is this moonlight falls place?" He says. "Well, I found it on the internet." I respond with a nervous laugh. "That's really cool. It's so hard to find anything cool now, I'm so glad that-" I breath in quickly "Oh, shut up." I say as I push him against a cabin and kiss him. I pull away from him. Once the shock wears off, we both smile. "That was... that was great." 

Chapter 2

Hestia walked up to the podium at the forum. Hundreds of gods and demigods filed into the seats. "Welcome to the monthly meeting. Today we have two big announcements. Do any of you remember Aria, the goddess who dissapeared two years ago?" The crowd mumbles as I breath in uneasily. I stand up and walk onto the stage. "Yesterday, well, she-" I cut her off. "I'M BACK!" I shout, smiling. A few of my old friends clap. Lily, Nia, and Ruby especially. "Moving on, we have a quest oppurtunity coming up. So far, we have Aria, Tyler, and Lily on the team. For this quest, you will be setting out to find a glowing orb to fit this scepter. It was given to us by Nyx in exchange for a certain elixir recipie. Anyway, sign up sheets will be at the central hall in the meeting area. The quest goes out tomorrow." Hestia steps down from the stage and i hop down. It's 10:00 AM and I have the whole day to myself. I guess I'll decorate my room. 

I walk into the "New Gods" Cabin and I see a room labeled 'Aria Diana' and a room next to it labelled "Lily Venus". Hell yes, I was next to Lily. The inside was pastel blue with a computer desk, a vanity, and a twin bed with white bedding. I looked in the closet to find a new bedspread, and eventually came out with some galaxy print to go with the white carpet. By the time it was finished, I had gotten hungry. I went out to the kitchen and got some food. The food was synthesized by a macine that brought it out of thin air. This cabin was by far the most luxurious. On the left, there was the kitchen and bathroom. To the right of the door, there were bunk beds. There were three rooms lining the left wall, and the back wall was miscelanious stuff; like computers, extra linens, and of course, a nursery for the young campers. To be honest, this is the happiest I have ever been. I'm finally home. I can finally sleep near the people I love most. Before, I was so focused on living, that I never really lived. Tomorrow I can go on my first quest while back. In four years, I finally become a goddess. When I turn 18, I gain my immortality. I only have to hold on for that long, and that's when my life really begins.

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