Pikalil or Pearl Fey: Hi guys! Just so you know, this a back story for my Animal Jam character. The areas that will be in the story are not canon. So to begin the story,

Mythical was named after the way of how he didn't look like any of his relatives. The first nurse that saw him thought he belonged to another couple and brought him over to them. Later, after much explaining, Mythical's parents could finally bring him home. His first year of his second life, he had already broke many vases, for he was a clumsy one. He got grounded a lot and mostly was holed up in his room. The room had belonged to Mythical's grandpappy, who had been a librarian. As a result, he got old, tattered books when he could and kept them in his room. Mythical, out of his boredom, would usually read the books. He learned simple magic and psychology. one day, Mythical ventured to the back of the shelves of books in his room. He found books with beautiful covers. There were ones with roses, some with horned horses and Mythical's favorite cover had shiny items plastered on the front. He enjoyed reading these books, for they were in a fantasy world, filled with many strange beings. He loved living in this world and was always sad when the book ended.

On the second year of Mythical's life, his parents had a second child. Her name was Rosemary. Mythical didn't receive as much attention from his parents anymore. They just sat him on a chair near the table and gave him some coloring supplies. Mythical had discovered that his fantasy world could go out on these pages of paper. One day, he had drawn a tiger playing with marionettes. Mythical was very proud of this, but he wanted more. Using his simple magic, he had begun adding movement to the picture. Finally happy with the outcome, he pasted this picture on the wall. He then turned his attention to Rosemary. The baby wolf was just crawling and gnawing on the table chairs! Then Mythical had remembered the book with roses on the cover. He brought it down from his room and began reading the story to Rosemary. Just as much as the baby was enjoying it, so was Mythical. Mythical realized he loved to share stories with people.

One day, on the third year, Mythical was sent out to get some groceries. He got lost for a little while and came back to his home, using the route he knew. The house he had seen was not his home anymore, for it was burnt. The embers were dead and ash kept flying around.. For this time on, Mythical shut out this memory. He would never want to remember it again. He decided to move to Jamaa. He snuck up on a ship and traveled there. What he didn't know, was that there was going to be a war and would be drafted.

Okay, so that was the first part of this story. Constructive criticism is much appreciated! I really need it.

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