*checks all around the area and NO sign of le News Train is present* Alright, this should be a nice setup! Nothing to interrupt me - no Pinkie Pie, no nothing, not even the News Train! This should be a bree- *le News Train hits me, but it hits me dragonly side instead* Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccchhhhhhhh! I really need to see the driver and fine them...

Let's get to the point now. I just randomly feel like making a theme song for Kipper - but not any other song that's existed, though the song Dollhouse would fit Kipper just fine. Still, I am giving everyone a challenge. This isn't a timed challenge, however, but more like a challenge of music. I'm challenging anyone who can make music to create a new theme song for Kipper, but don't worry. You're not going to be on your own. I am going to be posting the lyrics here, and I'll be posting the lyrics in a blog post! That also gives the second possible condition for this task - you might want to have a YouTube account, as so far all the videos here are from YouTube. I'll be also allowing your song submissions to be posted on the blog post the lyrics are on, and that's all for now!

Awesome. THERE'S A PROBLEM. - AJ Stories Wiki

I draw Awesome with no red markings because I'm a lazy man. :3

By the way, for those of you who don't know who Kipper is, she's basically the female cat in this picture. She is crazily in love with Awesome (a character made by Dragonheart2375) and will do anything to be with him! I originally meant this obsession to be neutral, though Kipper will try to flirt with Awesome whenever it's possible. That was what I originally meant until Dragonheart created the story That Yandere Girl... This was followed by Eyes and A Night Of Silence, so I guess Kipper's personality has changed that way.

Until next time, this is your trusted News Train! And now, time to run from the News Train... *runs as the News Train chases me all over the place*

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