This isn't exactly a gory creepypasta, but if you get scared really easily, its best to not read it.

It was a rainy day. It was the weekend, so I decided to play some Animal Jam. I walked into my room and opened my laptop. I logged into Animal Jam and started in Coral Canyons. I clicked on the buddy list to see if any of my buddies were online. Nobody was online, other than my little sister. Almost right away i noticed something else. Only 3 other jammers were my buddies, but they were offline. "Strange," i thought. "I knew i had more buddies than four jammers." I clicked the X. I was walking around a bit in Coral Canyons. I was getting a bit bored. I saw Best Dressed and clicked on it, and clicked Play. It appeared to be in the middle of a round, because it said "Practice dressing your best while waiting for the next round!" I clicked ok, and it took me to the page. I noticed that the only colors availble were shades of black, shades of red, and shades of orange. When i looked at the clothes, they were normal. "Maybe it had an update," I said out loud, unsure of why the colors were so strange. I put some rares on my animal, wishing i had some. Then the envelope came up, and it said, "Dress the best for battle." I never saw this before, and when the envelope disappeared, i  saw that there were swords, flags, skull helmets, bows, crossbows, slingshots, and all that stuff in the clothes section. When i scrolled down, i saw something very unusual. A skully. When i saw the skully i gasped, knowing that they were taken out a very long time ago. I looked at the clock and it was 5 seconds. There was a button with the word "STOP" On it, and i clicked it, hoping it would stop the time. But it took me to the animals that were still getting dressed, as if i pressed the X button. In a matter of seconds the lights flashed and it showed animals with black fur and red evil eyes. The only normal one was me, a white arctic wolf with orange girl eyes. I was in the center of the room. I looked on, not being scared very easily. All of the other animals were using the evil face, but the fangs had red on the tips. My eyes widened, but i still looked on. They appeared to be moving closer to me. My eyes in the game became wide, too. I clicked the X button quickly. Thankfully, it took me back to Coral Canyons. My fur was a light gray now, and i had light red eyes. I didn't notice, though, and i went to my den. I noticed my sister's fox, named Lucky Happypride, standing there. I was in the middle of typing in "Hey Lucky," when i saw that her fur was light gray and eyes light red. She made the gasp face. "Hi Major, did you play Best Dressed too?" she said. "Yeah, why?" I typed in. "Because i noticed your fur was the same color as mine." I looked at my arctic wolf, and stared for a little while. "Major?" Lucky asked. I didn't notice. "Major..?" she asked again. "Oh, sorry. Yeah?" "My fur just got a deeper shade of gray!" I looked at her fox, and saw that her fur WAS a darker gray. "That is really strange. Did you change the color?" "No!" "Well, lets just change the colors." I clicked on my animal tab and changed my color to white, changed the second color to dark blue, and the pattern lightning and yellow. Satisfied, i exited the colors tab. My sister had changed her colors too. "I'm going to go to Jamaa Township," I said. "Okay," she said. I clicked on the map and clicked "Jamaa Township". It took me to a Best Dressed room. I was laying on the ground, as if i did the Sleep action, except my eyes were wide again. The animals were there again, circled around me. A wolf sneered and said, "Why did you run  away from us? Were you too chicken to join us?" The chat bar appeared. I typed in, "What do you mean?" Followed by a gasping face. A bunny answered with a laugh, "We mean, you and your little "friend" were chosen to become phantom spies!" I typed in, "I..I don't understand..." An elephant said,"You should never again play best dressed, or you WILL become phantom spies, like us." "NEVER AGAIN," repeated a fox. "NEVER AGAIN!" repeated another tiger. The words passed around the circle of animals, and then the wolf stepped forward and looked down at me. The screen had a first person view of my arctic wolf, and the wolf's face looked down. "Did you hear that? NEVER again." And then the screen went black. It returned to the AJ homepage. I thought the "Play Now!" sign the bunny held up said "NEVER AGAIN!" for a second, and the bunny turned black with red eyes. I nervously typed in my username and password. From then on, it was normal, but I never played best dressed ever again.

Ever again.