Contains slight gore!

Author's note: Please do not edit without permission, thanks! -Lone

The Story

Rosy was a 9 year old girl who loved to play on Animal Jam. She would spend hours sat inside playing the game. 

One day, as she was browsing the new den items in the furniture shop, an arctic wolf walked up to her.

"Hello!" Said the arctic wolf, also known as Major.

"Hi" Rosy called.

"Let's be buddies!" Major continued.

"Okay!" Replied Rosy.

And so, the two became friends. They spent hours playing together - Rosy loved it! 

When the two returned from an adventure they had been playing, Major turned to Rosy and asked, "How old are you?"

Rosy didn't see the danger of sharing her age, so she responded with, "I am 9".

"Awesome, me too! Also, where do you live?" Major questioned the little girl.

"I live in California, San Diego." Rosy beamed at the arctic wolf, still blind to the danger she put herself into.

"Hey, me too! Let's meet up sometime!" Major said, suddenly excited.

"Yeah, let's!" Agreed Rosy.

"Okay, let's meet up at Pantoja Park tonight at 9:00 - just don't tell your parents or they might not let you go!" Said the arctic wolf.

"Sure thing, Major!" Replied Rosy.

So, Rosy spent her afternoon finding the perfect outfit for her meeting with Major. She was so excited! At 8:45 she set off, telling her parents that she was walking the dog.

However, Rosy had forgotten something! She was using her dad's laptop, but she forgot to turn it off, so when her dad sat down at his desk, he saw what Rosy had been saying to this boy.

He gasped, calling his wife over to him. They both saw where Rosy was really going, and set off in their car after her.

By the time they got there, they couldn't see Rosy or the boy. Looking around the park, they suddenly came across two feet sticking out of a bush. Confused, they looked under the bush to see who it was. They cried out loud when they recognized the blonde hair of their little girl. They pulled her out of the bush, and there before them was Rosy. 

Her eyes were wide open in terror. She had bruises all over her face. The worst part was the knife sticking out of her chest. She looked up into the eyes of her parents and whispered, "I'm so sorry..." before she fell limp in their arms.

Never share your personal information online, not even to someone you think is your friend! If you do, you could possibly end up like poor Rosy. The arctic wolf wasn't really 9, he was actually a 30 year old man who prayed on little children like Rosy...

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