Found this in my old files and thought that I might as well put it somewhere. Please note that while it is an AJ story, not everything would be like the game.

Chapter 1

Sir Gilbert's POV

You wouldn't expect to see the tiger alpha running for his life.

Sir Gilbert kept glancing back, seeing the lion only inches away from his tail. He darted to the left, dodging a tree. Rain pelted down, drenching him. Water weighed down his fur, blurred his vision.

It can't be much farther...

Just as a cave loomed into view, he felt something slam into his side, bowling him over. As Gilbert looked up, he saw blue eyes glinting in the darkness. A soft growl escaped from his pursuer's mouth.

"Anything you wish to say before you're gone, kitty?"

That voice... Of course.

"Deno, we can he-"

The lion's powerful paw stayed on his throat, the claws threatening to puncture his skin if he dared move. The last thing Gilbert saw was the yellow face of the lion, wearing a copper wind helmet before everything went black.

Icarys' POV

Icarys looked down from the hill, the slope rather steep. The blue and white penguin tried countless times before, but never succeeded in flying. He looked at each flipper, wings attached to each side and slid the goggles on his aviator hat down over his eyes. As he took a deep breath, he felt a shove from behind and started tumbling down instead of sliding. A rock snagged in the already torn cloth, slowing down his momentum. As he neared ever closer to the bottom, the ocean would welcome him that much sooner. Closing his eyes, he plunged in, letting the icy water wrap around him.

Realizing it was just water, Icarys swam towards the surface, emerging to a ridiculing crowd.

"Told you he wouldn't fly!"

He propelled himself towards the shore, knowing what he'd hear. Oddly enough, however, all he saw on the ice was icy blue mist. As he stepped closer, a hazy penguin materialized from the mist, staring at Icarys.

"Icarys, ten misfits will become a doomed land's only hope. All will fight; some may fall. Nonetheless, you will save us all."

The voice... It's in my head... Icarys could do nothing but stand still, looking into the eyes of the penguin.

The penguin raised its head, meeting the penguin's eye. It looked almost helpless, pleading with him. Suddenly, an arctic wind blew, scattering the mist to reveal the crowd of penguins once more.


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