~Author's Note~

This is my first story on here.

It is called New Beginnings, by Katy.

It is kind of a creepypasta.....?

Anyway, hope you enjoy! :)

~Chapter One:Prologue~

The dolphin's diamond necklace shimmered softly in the dark waters of the Deep Blue. She swam gracefully, performing flips as she went along. She breathed in a quick gulp of water and air, and swam further. Then she stopped. She noticed a dark shape in the water next to her, a black sea turtle.

Oh, great Tavie, please don't let this be a scammer, she thought. She had heard of people being scammed before and didn't want to be caught in the midst of all that.

"Oh, I'm not a scammer," said the turtle, as if reading the dolphin's mind. "I just need to talk to you. You see, a few years ago, I was a rare Jammer." His eyes glimmered with the thought of being famous again. "But someone, oh, that someone-" He broke off.

"Who?" The blue and pink beluga swam in circles around the turtle, getting bored.

"Never mind who!" The turtle snarled. "He hacked my account. All those rares, all those betas, everything I had worked so hard for, down to every last plushie. They were gone." He shook in rage. "I had to start over. My animals were deleted, and all my dens, and gems, and even my diamonds. It took me all these years to come back to where I am now, and even now I'm not half as good as I was before. That's why I need someone. I need them to transfer all my feelings to, all my anger, all my rage.

"I need them to begin again."

~Chapter Two: Blank~

A black and white tiger stood in Jamaa, a shell of her former self. She used to be a bubbly pink and blue dolphin, but she had no memory of that now. In fact, she had no memory of anything that had happened before yesterday. Her existence had been wiped off of Animal Jam forever. She stepped forward, nervous and afraid of who she would see.

"There's a virus going around!" The tiger pivoted to see a light pink bunny at her feet. "A hacker! He's been hacking everyone's accounts!"

Hacker, hacker, hacker...... The spotted animal tried to remember, but her mind blanked.

"What's a hacker?" she asked, her curiosity taking spite of her.

"It's someone who messes around with the coding on here and makes funny things happen! Anyway, gotta go spread the word!" The bunny ran off, leaving the tiger in the dust.

She kept walking, and eventually came off to a bridge. The bridge had no signs except for one that had a mountain on it.

"Do you know what this mountain means?" She tilted her head as a Jammer stopped in front of her.

"Oh, it's probably Mount Shiveer or somethin'." The he-wolf kept trekking along.

Then the tiger tentatively stepped onto the bridge.

~Chapter Three: Broken~

"Jump, jump, jump!" coached a monkey who was hopping on the cracked ice of Mount Shiveer. All of a sudden, the tiger, who was watching from the sidelines, jumped in fear. The Jammers had disappeared under the ice, which was back to normal. It hadn't been broken though, only cracked.

Then a message appeared on the ground. We aRe haVing sOme techniCal difFiculties.

"It's the hacker!" It was the pink bunny, again, spreading false rumors.

The tiger shook her head. "It was probably AJHQ."

"Whatever." The bunny hopped away.

The tiger ambled to the hot springs, where she could relax from all this drama. She let the warm water seep into her fur, calming her.

Then she got up, and closed her eyes. She thought of fish, of water, of being chased by leopard seals, of swimming, of losing your soft down feathers once you matured, of feeding a young bird under your feet.

When she opened her eyes, she was a tiger no more. She was a black and white penguin. The penguin stood up and walked awkwardly all the way to the beach, Crystal Sands, where she felt most comfortable.

~Chapter Four: Burn~

She sat down and peered into the crystalline water of the beach.

Psssshhh, hacker on the loose? I don't think so. The penguin snorted at her thought.

She decided to take a swim, to feel graceful again.

She jumped into the water.

Immediately, her skin started to burn. She heard a faint voice say from above, "It's acid!"

She spiraled down, down, down, until she felt a sudden calmness. Then she slipped into unconsciousness, a dark shape floating in the water for anyone who looked.

The penguin awoke in Jamaa, a tiger once again. Her skin had turned a sickly shade of green, and there were large holes gaping in it, exposing her rotted muscles and bones.

The tiger was a sad sight to look at. Yet she was still alive, even though her penguin counterpart had vanished forever beneath the acid waves.

She remembered hearing a voice in her head when she was in the water.

We aRe haVing sOme techniCal difFiculties.

The tiger's ears rang, and she shook her head, afraid.

No! It was AJHQ. The tiger rolled her eyes at herself and her silliness. But maybe it wasn't.

~Chapter Five: Ruin~

"The hacker has attacked again! There was a penguin, and- oh..." The pink bunny broke off, gaping at the tiger. "It was... oh.... I'm.... I.... sorry. But still, someone turned the water to acid, and I think it was the hacker!"

"Whatever you think." The large black and white animal sighed and plopped herself down onto the dirt road- and fell.

There was a large gaping hole right where the tiger had been sitting. A heartbeat later, more holes began to appear, terrified Jammers falling.

The tiger saw tens upon hundreds upon thousands of animals falling, landing in twisted positions, not breathing.

She even saw her own mangled body, lying crushed under the statue of Mira. As soon as she had hit the ground, her spirit had floated away from her body.

That's all she was now. A spirit.

Then she heard a booming voice coming from the end of the cave. She crept up, curious.

"Finally! After all this time, I will rule Animal Jam! I will get revenge. I will force all beings to start over!"

The animal's eyes were glazed, and he was foaming at the mouth, obviously a nice Jammer- turned insane.

What was this crazed creature, you ask?

He was a turtle.

A black sea turtle.

~Chapter Six: Epilogue~

A pale tiger, floating, hovering in the gray sky clouded with smoke.

She wasn't alive- yet, she wasn't dead.

She just.... existed.

She existed there to watch over the ruins of the happy world.

Maybe it was a punishment.

Or maybe she had just gotten stuck, between reality and imagination.



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