I am holding the pause button on my other stories because I'm super-lazy right now. I'll get back to it June 12-13th.

This is just a random story.

PS: I qualify it as Animal Jam related, though it does involve other stuff. And it might be trollfic material. Honestly, I don't know.


There is always a narrator to every story. Whether the story is third person narrated or first person, if the story isn't narrated correctly; or even, at all. The story will disappear. The. End.


Chapter One- Animal Jam

"Okay then, sis. Let's see what you got!" One of the bunnies said, as she threw a ball over her head to her sister.

"Well I bet I'm better than you!" But before she caught the ball, she looked around slowly. "Do you... hear that?"

"Hear what...? Pfft. I bet you're just hearing things like a ghost or something." The first bunny said bravely.

"Anyways... You're probably right. I'm sure it's only my imagina-" She stopped, and looked up at the sky, "There! I hear it again!"

"Hey...I heard something too... But I'm star-ving. Could we go in and get something to eat." One of the two bunnies asked?

The other one nodded, "Sure! I'd really like lunch at this time about now!" They both laughed and headed into their Bunny Burrow, (hopefully) not noticing the narrator.

Rosy and Twinkle Shybelle lived with their mom on the quiet of Jamaa Township. Their mother, who was a skilled botanist and gardener happened to be quite famous in Jamaa, and was usually the first one who many jammers asked for when they needed help. Their father, however, had left them after the twins were born. But the twins never remembered hi-

One of the bunnies came rushing out again, "Rosy! I heard it again! I even heard it from inside! It's the voice again!" She waited for her sister to come out, but asked, "Watcha talkin' about Mr. Voice?"

The story, obviously. I just introduced our main char-

"Who are they?"

You two of course.

"Cool!" Her expression changed from excited to confused, "Were you talking about daddy?"

I shouldn't tell you.

"What?! Whyyyy?" She sighed, and then her sister and mom came out.

"Hey! Mr. Voice! Say hi to my mom and sister!"

Excuse me, but you need to stop. I have serious narration to do.

Rosy huffed, "Okay, fine. I wanted to meet Mr. Voice too."

The mother laughed, "Mr. Voice? I think you mean the narrator."

The two girls, amused both asked, "The narrator? What does he do?"

"Well...They narrate our story, from what I know."

"Cool!" Rosy said, excitement filling her eyes, "We get to have our own fairytale!"

"Well...not exactly. But something like that, yes." She nodded happily, "I can tell you more if you come inside."

Both the girls nodded, agreeing to come inside and not bug the narrator anymore. Fascinated to their mother's words, yet at the same time, scared, they vowed not to mess with the narrator anymore, knowing they would cause danger. Little did they know that their tides would change upon them from the result of their actions a month later. And then-

Excuse me, Narrator of this Story?

H-Head Narrator? W-What do you want?!

I want to talk to you about interacting with the characters of your story. They have caused you some trouble, and you caused them some too. Now we're all in danger of being found.

I-I didn't, They didn't!

Now we have no choice but to erase their memories, which will lead to this story ending.

I-I'm sorry. Go ahead with it.

And This Story Has Come to an End Due to Narration Malfunctions.

The land of Jamma was turning into a black void, it sucked everything there into it. The bunnies screamed, and their mother held them tight. Their house was sucked in, and the whole forest started to disapear. Jamma Township was visible. Many of the jammers were worried and frightened as they were sucked in, some trying to save themselves, but failed too. In the distance a fox ran away, covering its face with a hood.

"Its all my fault...."

The. End.

Little did anyone know, that later one of the characters survived. The one nobody even knew was in the story. Their memories weren't erased. And this story wasn't the end for them. It was a fox. None were ever mentioned until later in the story. And thankfully, they could story-jump.

Chapter Two- Animal Jam Ruins

"Why....Above all people...does it have to be me?" A fox asked, staring out the window in fear at the world around her.

Animal Jam used to be a place a fun place filled with adventure, untill the day it was destroyed. AJHQ and another group of people destoryed it, making the remnats a poisioned wasteland. The website was deleted from the internet, and almost all the characters were destroyed. Only few survived.

This is Infinity MagicJoy's story. The fox and her friends survived by jumping to other stories, and blending in. Once they returned, their homeland was destroye-

"Shut up Narrator, I'm trying to concentrate." She said as she flopped over on her tattered bed and rubbed her temple, trying to think.

Okay, okay. Tell me when your done, becasue I have a story to narrate.

"Done!" She said cheerfully as she propped up a pillow and leid back, looking at the roof, "Keep up with your natrating."

Infinity was originally supposed to be part of the long-forgotten story, The Two Sisters, but their story was destroyed. But, Infinity and her friends listened to the narrator's advice, and left. They were born able to hear the voice above them. And they obeyed the rules like they were supposed to do. But they were still worried about their world being torn apart.

Then, somone knocked on the door to Infinity's den, but it fell over in the process. "Oh, sorry."

"Nah it's fine." Infinity reassured her as she flopped over, "The door needed to be fixed anyways, Juniper."

Juniper was one of Infinity's best friends. A shy, yet humorous girl, she always spent her free time reading or writing, and she was pretty good in combat, too. She waved shyly, "Heh... Have you heard about Dancing recently? I heard she's still in the hospital."

One of the other survivors, Dancing Sprirtivy, had temper issues, but was one of their best friends. She had ended up in the hospital a few eeks back due to jumping off a window, worried about the glitched phantoms chasing her. Glitched phantoms were phantoms...but they survived, destroying everything in their path. They became glitched bugs that didn't belong in the system. And they had the capibility to turn into just about anything you could fear.

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