I logged onto animal jam, getting three diamonds as usual, but something was off. i did the smile emoticon, but the eyes were tinted red. i shrugged it off, assuming it was a graphical error. i went into my den. for a split second, there was a completely black octopus standing beside me. i thought "hmm, maybe animal jam is glitching out." i decorated my den, but all that was in my inventory was masterpieces saying "DON'T RUN" in a dark purple-ish blue color. now it was starting to get weird.i got a jam-a-gram saying "DON'T RUN" again, with the text tinted blue. i went into appondale, into claws n' paws. but all the pets were just black roosters, constantly doing the hopping action. i went into the hospital, and there was a flyer saying yet again "DON'T RUN", still tinted blue. why were all these "DON'T RUN" things here? i went back into my den, and then the black octopus stood there, just staring. right at me. piercing my soul. i tried to make my animal move, but it couldn't, the octopus got closer to my animal. it put on the land item, sword. the screen went black. i heard a bunny squeaking, then a splatter of liquid. then, a picture slowy faded in. it was my bunny, staring at the screen, a hole in her chest. she walked towards the screen, and as she got closer, her pupils began to fade away until her eyes were just a soulless white. she stood there. and she spoke to me, through my headphones, "Why did you ever create me?" "What is my purpose?" "I'm just a useless bunny, a puppet, i'm nothing to you, aren't i?" "You will regret this." the screen went black, the frame right before the screen went black was her smiling. i heard breathing behind me. i turned around. a stuffed bunny that looked just like mine from aj, was breathing, as if it was alive. i took the stuffed bunny outside, and i threw it as far as i could. the next morning, i felt something cold on my neck. the stuffed bunny held a knife to my neck, and i threw it off, i got a lighter from my parent's drawers, and i burned the bunny, and as the smoke came out, it was in the shape of a spirit. an hour later, i was my arctic fox, and everything was back to normal. until....i did the smile emoticon, which had just huge black eyes, no shine, no nothing. i still play aj to this day.