Chapter 1: Halloween

A young wolf trudged through Jamaa Township, the dry leaves crunching under her paws.


Infinity Thepaw.

However, instead of being smothered by the crowd, she was alone.

It was Night of the Phantoms, or Halloween, and she knew almost everybody would be trick-or-treating, but no jammer would be dumb enough to miss the Night of the Phantoms.

None of her buddies were on, and all the servers were empty.

Infinity Thepaw (the wolf) felt an eerie feeling creeping up her spine.

She didn't want to stay in the creepy town for too long, so she decided to go to Sarepia Forest.

When she stepped into the forest, Infinity felt she was being watched, and decided to go back to her den.

Chapter 2: The twins

She ran all the way back to her den, the tail of her raccoon hat swishing wildly around as she ran.

She ran as fast as her four legs could, until her lungs were on fire and her body was numb, and from then she walked.

When she finally reached her den, she collapsed on her bed, too tired to even get a drink of water.

After a short and dreamless nap, Infinity checked for her buddies.

It was the same as before, nobody on.

She sighed as she sat back down on her bed.

"Is nobody online right now?" she mumbled to herself.

"Oh, but we are," a pair of voices said.

Infinity turned around to see two arctic wolves, both looked excactly the same, even their clothing were the same.

Only their names were different.

One was named Mythical Spiritpaw, and the other was Magical Spiritpaw.

Infinity saw they were not her buddies, and locked her den.

However, they didn't leave.

Chapter 3: Whispers of the dead

The twins whispered: we are here for you, we will help you, we will be with you everywhere!

Then they both laughed an evil creepy laugh.

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