Night of the Phantoms: Part one

Queen Bravewinner walked out from behind the Mira statue in Jamma Township. He had just scared some young New Jammers from the candy bowl he had set out for bait. He watched as the little group of animals scurried down the dirt path back to the more busy part. He sighed and took a bite of the candy. He glanced at his wristwatch. It read 11:24. "Might want to be going now..." He thought, turning towards the path down. He grabbed the bowl of candy and shuffled down the path towards Jamma.

"There he is!" Said a voice. Queen turned around and saw the animals he had just scared near the statue.

"Rawr!" Queen said, standing on his tail then flying at them. They all screamed and scattered, leaving Queen alone. He snickered a bit. He turned around and walked down the vacant path back to his den. He was shuffling up the path towards his volcano, when he heard a crackling in the bushes. He darted his head around, chain necklace bouncing on his chest. Once he thought the coast was clear, he stared walking forwards again. There was a flash of blue light and a scream. Queen shrank down below, shuffling backwards into the bushes behind him. There were mutters and flicker of light. Queen peaked around the bush she was behind.

Night of the Phantoms: Part two

Queen quickly pressed his back on a tree. There, on the path to his den, was a strange looking wolf/phantom. Queen knew only two things it could be. He left the candy behind him and waited for the mutant creature to pass. He ran as fast as he could to his den. Once he got to the front door, he swung his Scary Horns on the ground and placed his black Spiked Hair carefully on his head. He scuttled over to his computer and typed in phantom/wolf. What appeared was just a bunch of photo-shopped images of wolfs and phantoms mashed together. He scrolled down a bit more, just to see if he was missing something. After a little bit of scrolling, he ducked down behind his desk.

There, on his computer screen, was what he saw. He looked closely at the picture, to study the details. After being a collage graduate from Jamma University for phantom anatomy, he could tell very easily this wasn't a phantom. It was either mutated, or a wolf-phantom hybrid. He turned from his computer and looked out of his window, placing his flippers carefully on the windowsill...


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