Hi Everyone, um this is my first creepypasta so if you could please not be rude in the comments. (Thank you!)  ;D (NOT FOR KIDS UNDER 12)

I woke up on an early school morning at 5:00. Oh Great! I went back to bed. Then my computer buzzed. I bet that it was recent activity from my new Animal Jam account. I hopped out of bed and opened up my computer. My avatar is a wolf with pink hearts. Her name is Rosy DaisyLily. I thought she was so cute!!!!!! And though I was playing Animal Jam for a long time last night, I was too tired to turn off my computer. And the Jamaa music was playing all night when I slept. When I woke up the music was still playing. My computer loaded Animal Jam. And then I started playing. I thought it was a good idea to go to The Pillow Room. I wanted to go there to make more friends. Because now I clearly only had one buddy. So I went to The Pillow Room and put my avatar to "sleep". Then suddenly a black wolf appeared in the background. The didn't have any eyes. And he was all black. I clicked on his player card but nothing appeared. No username, no avatar name, no den, no trade no nothing! All there was, was a black wolf. I then exited his player card and looked around. Then all the jammers started doing the scared emotion. And they all started yelling "Oh no!! It's The Forgotten!!!!!! Run everyone!!!!" I had no clue about what they were talking about. Who is this "The Forgotten" person? I just ignored them. They were probably doing role-play. Hardy har-har!!! Very funny!!! (I was sarcastic.) Then everyone left and it was only me and this "The Forgotten" person. I went to my den to get away from this un-usual jammer. Then I thought I was safe but then that black wolf followed me. I thought they were playing a joke. So I went to The Lost Temple Of Zios. But that black wolf scared everyone away. So it was only me and the wolf. I've had enough! Didn't they think that I knew it was a joke?!? That's it! I've had it!!!! I am going to say something to that wolf!!! So I kindly said something. Even though I didn't feel like being kind!!!!!!!!!!!! I was angry and I wanted that we black wolf leaves me alone!!!! I said something and probably shouldn't have.

Me: Excuse me, can you please STOP following me?????????

Black wolf : no response...

Me: Please say something!

Black wolf : (growls)

Me: Oh umm. I'm sorry that I scared you.

Black wolf : Why aren't you afraid of me????

Me: Well should I be afraid of you???

Black wolf : no response...

Me: I am logging off. Bye!!

Black wolf : (whispered something unclear)

I tried logging off and my computer kept beeping. And saying : You have a virus! Exit immediately!!!! I tried exiting but it wouldn't work. I stayed where I was on Animal Jam and so did the black wolf. Except the screen zoomed in full screen on the black wolf. I was getting nervous and scared. What is going on now????????? I thought. The screen started shaking. What the hell is this? Then something crazy happened. First, the black wolf actually said something. The black wolf laughed devilishly and said : "This is a real animal. This is how real animals play." And then they showed terrible pictures of animal scabs and lots of gory stuff. Like dead animals and lots of bloody things. I wondered : Is this actually Animal Jam? Because yesterday this didn't happen. And someone must've hacked Animal Jam. I immediately ran out of my room and called my parents. Soon this hacker would be behind bars.

THE END!!!!!

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