Not to be ignored. We are not meant to be ignored. But guess what? WE ARE. I'm ignored a lot by Members. So, what I do to NOT be ignored is scam. I scam A LOT. I scam Non Members, New Jammers and Members. All the types of Jammers on AJ. I even scam famous Jammers. Why? I want attention. If I can't be famous for being rare and cool, then why not be famous for scamming? Well let me tell you, if your posted on a video recorded scamming, it's just like posting a video on updates in Jamaa too, right? Well, let me tell you a story about me and a New Jammer. One day a New Jammer named PrincessArcticrose was walking around in Jamaa. I saw her being teased by a couple of Members. I told her to go to my den, and she did. Little by little, oh, my gosh, how rude am I?! I forget to tell you my name! Oh, I'm AwesomeScaryghost. You know Fman122? He's my brother. Oh, sorry let's get back to the story. Little by little did Princess (We will just call her that from now, and I'm Awesome).  know that she was falling into my trap. We became a scamming team. Once I said, "MY LIST GIVAWAY MY DEN!!!" It was 8 Black Longs, A LOT OF PEOPLE HAD TO COME!!! And they did. 42 people in my den. Wow. And one of them was sure to get scammed!!! Princess walked up to me, and flashed me a Necklace. Then she said, "OMG OMG OMG!!! HE DECLINED SCARY BAT WINGS, 3 FOUNDERS AND 7 RARE SPIKES!!! THEY WERE LONG!!!!!" OMG omg! The other people said. One dream trade someone did was, Rare Red Long, Rare Yellow Long, Rare Green Long, Rare Blue Long, Rare Pink Long, Founder's Hat, and a BETA Robot, BETA Art Easel and White Tail Elf armour. I quickly accepted. Then I locked my den. Then I asked Princess a question. "Do you trust me with your password?" "Of course!" She replied. "Cool, then what is it?" Thinking she was gonna Report me, or run away, she said "Creamtoes500." Omg, I thought. She just gave it to me! "Oh, sorry I got to go log off. I'll help you scam another time!" "Ok! See you soon!" I felt somewhat bad, like to hack her, after she helped me scam. But I did it anyway. I logged in the username CherryLover4Ever, with the password Creamtoes500. I got on. I took all her rares, which were awfully good! 4 Non Rare Headdresses, 5 Non Rare Worns, 7 Black Longs! Awesome! But then, I logged back on and saw my rares and unbuddied CherryLover4Ever. I kept her password. Then I Reported PrincessArcticrose. But then I saw her unlocked den. I decided to go in it. Then I saw it, it had a table in the middle with flowers, and it had two chairs. It had two beds, I felt bad. So bad. But I continued scamming people, and I got more and more known for my scamming, and that's really it. She logged on again and  started screaming at that I hacked her, and she trusted me. I felt SO bad. But I Blocked her, so ya. Goodbye, nothing else to say, bye. The End.

Note: I hope you enjoyed this story, it took me a long time to write. This was NOT meant to be scary, it was to teach a lesson. The moral is, don't scam and hack. It can really hurt people. 

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