Before we start this story, thanks for taking the time to read this! I really appreciate it! Without further ado . . . 

   Notes, From A Phantom Researcher 

 Liza was taking a walk. Just a normal walk. She was heading to Brady's Lab, because she had finally gotten a break from training Jammers. On her way, she tripped on something. 

 A pile of dirt, which looked like it had been disturbed recently, had something solid in it. After a minute of digging, Liza found a small handbook. With . . . Phantom blood splashed on it?! 

 When Liza returned to the Alpha's Den, she decided to show the book to Graham, to see if he could deciper the words. When he returned, he confirmed to Liza that the book belonged to Flora Spiritcloud, one of the most well-known researchers of Phantomology, who had recently-gone missing. 

 Later, that night, Liza opened the book, and started reading. 

   Day 01   

While exploring the Hive, the entrance seemed to have closed up, due to a rock-slide. No matter, I have more than enough food, and Boomseeds. For until Cosmo can come and help.

     Day 02

   It's been 24 hours, now. No sign of Cosmo, or even Greely. I've managed to catch a live Phantom, and dissect it. So far, I've found nothing different from the sketches Mira had made long ago. My paw is killing me. I need to get out fast, so I can get my monthly treatment. 

     Day 04   

   I've had to resort to eating Boomseeds.

   They taste terrible. 

   I have a sense that someone, somewhere, is watching me. I don't like it. 

     Day 07

   Help me. 

   I cannot see straight, anymore. 

   They are coming for the rest of Jamaa. 

   They have spoken to me. 

   Anybody . . . 

   Help m 

 The notebook ended there. 

 The rest of the pages had been torn out. 

 That one page was covered in both animal and Phantom blood. 

 As far as Liza knew, the Hive had never been blocked up naturally. When presented to the Township Police, they concluded homicide. Flora's partner, Fauna, the only possible suspect, had gone missing the same day Liza read the diary. 

 Something wasn't right. 

 Maybe, just maybe . . . 

 The Phantoms were coming to invade the town . . . 

   **To be continued . . . 

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