Chapter One: Meeting A Matrix

My name’s Argo. I’ve lived in a mental asylum for at least 2 years, with no hopes of getting out. This is because I’m mentally unstable, and I always hear voices in my head. The year is 2134. The 8th World War broke out a while ago, and because of all the destruction few people remain on the earth. Dinosaurs have revolved, making it difficult for humans to compete for food and shelter. I guess I have it easy, living in this asylum. Let me tell you a bit about how I ended up here.

When the shots were fired, I was outside playing. I was unable to make it to the bomb shelter, and the ringing noises left me mentally unstable. The Voice comes every so often to disrupt my thoughts. But that’s all I remember.

I divide the remaining people into two categories: the ones you can trust, and the ones you can’t. I’ve been taught that Matrixes, or people who tame and support dinosaurs, the monstrous reptiles, are usually in the section of the ones you can’t.

However, I’ve been beginning to hear the Voices less, and less. I try to convince my nurse that I’m okay, and that I need to find my family again. Being my nurse, she refuses to listen to my constant protests. But today, I think I’m about ready to escape. To see the world again. You’d think they’d let us see the outdoors again, but it’s much too dangerous. There’s a hard and cold nuclear winter in some parts of the world, including here.

I watch as Nina sets down my breakfast. I can already tell that my breakfast is bread, soup, and of course my pills. I take my food and set it on my lap, slightly uncomfortable with Nina watching me eat to make sure I take my pills.

“How did you sleep?” she breaks the sudden silence.

“Fine,” I say, which is true.

“That’s good,” she replies. “Take your pills now, please.”

Suddenly, I make the pills fall to the ground. “But they’re all dirty,” I say in protest.

“Alright,” she says. “I’ll get new ones.

This is my chance, I think. This is my chance to escape. I pull on my leather boots, and pry open the drawer where Nina keeps her money. She always trusts me with leaving it, but at the moment, I’m one of the people you can’t trust. The second drawer is locked, but I know it contains Nina’s knife, the one she uses if one of Us threaten her. That’s what I hate about Nina. She’s so insecure. Anyway, I manage to break that drawer and obtain the knife. I pry open the window with it, and try to breathe in the fresh air.

But the air isn’t fresh.

The air smells putrid. But then in the distance, a bomb goes off. The impact is so hard that it knocks my breath out, shoves me against a tree, and makes my vision blurry. I shield my eyes, and slowly begin to stand up. For all I know, this place could be FULL of mines. I take a stone and throw it across the grass. Nothing happens.

Looks safe.

Then I look back at the asylum, a red-faced Nina, an angry woman I’d never known. That’s when I run. I run faster and faster, harder and harder. I’m knee deep in the snow, and I make a run for it in the forest. That’s when a bomb goes off beneath my feet, and everything goes black.

“Hello?” I hear a voice- young, female, perhaps my age.

I groan and my eyes flutter open. “W- who are you?” I ask. I take a look at my surroundings. It’s warm, the air smells fresh, and I’m laying down on a soft pillow of flowers. “Am I in heaven?” I ask stupidly.

“No,” the girl laughs. “You were lying on the ground. I thought you got killed from the explosions.”

“How did you find me?” I sit up. This place is full of trees, and beauty.

“I was out looking for medical supplies. Can’t find any of that here. And before you ask, we’re in a forest.”

“No duh,” I say. My legs are healed, and it looks like my boots were sewn up. “I thought the world was destroyed.”

“I’m Maple.” The girl says. “I took my pterodactyl to the war zone, and flew you back to an artificial land. It’s a reservation built for Matrixes, and nobody knows about it but the Matrixes.”

“I’m Argo,” I say quietly. “You’re a Matrix?”

“Yeah,” Maple nods. “C’mon, I’ll show you around.”

Maple points to the trees, where various species of dinosaurs dwell. Some of them are tied to tree on chain links, and others are freely roaming. It's- it's beautiful. I don't even have words to describe it.

"But we're in danger," Maple says suddenly. "Frintists are hunting us down, and we can't stay here

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