Omnivore's Shrub Shop

Head to Sarepia. Have a look around. See that little shop that sells bushes in the corner? Take a look. All those topiaries of the Animals of Jamaa. But. How did it get there? It just appeared one day, didn't it?

Chapter 1

Listen closely little animals, as I tell you a tale not long forgotten not. Or, Long forgotten..? Long forgotten desert? I'm not particularly sure. Well, moving on.

The year was, um. Unknown o'clock or something and Melon the Giraffe lived in Appondale like any other giraffes in his group family, he knew that his whole life was to eat. Not like one of the pandas that lived around the bend at Mt. 'Himalayas' Shiveer, but to munch on meaninless, worthless little plant leaves was his supposed life job.

But hey, if you were a giraffe and you knew what your life job was, would you stand behind a tree for hours on end and slowly eat a green leaf attached to a stick? That's fun, right?

Anywho, Melon was not like the others, he didn't want to stay in Appondale any more. He wanted to be free, frolicking around in some flower patch of the lands of Jamaa somewhere other than the same old, boring place he was supposed to call home for the rest of his life.

No. He didn't want that. He didn't need to stay if he didn't want to right?

Chapter 2

And moving on from what I said, like I said. It's a story within a story. No it is not. But. It is at the same time..? Is that a good thing?


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