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August 13th, 2014

2:00 PM, Central Time Zone

The blindfold tied around my head dug into my skin, leaving the area around my eyes numb and senseless. Not that I minded, anyways. I liked how it felt. What I didn't like was the fact that the room was eerily quiet. Memories of what had happened earlier flooded back to me, as if they were a river.

It had all started out so innocently. We had gotten a call from an anonymous source about a disturbance at the old mill downtown. Being the only detectives on duty, I, Elliott, and Penny decided the 3 of us would go investigate. What we didn't realize was the fact that it was an ambush. A kidnapping. 

The second we stepped in the door of the mill, we were knocked unconscious by some goons. That's how we ended up here, tied up. I could hear one of the goons walking in, talking on what I assumed to be his     walkie-talkie. "Yeah Boss, they're tied up nice and neat. We should be able to get a nice amount of cash in exchange for the three of 'em." I could hear him turn off the walkie, and shuffle over towards another person. I heard a loud thud as the goon kicked them, and a loud moan. It sounded like Elliott. 

"The boss says he's gonna get some nice cash for the three of ya'. Who's in charge now?" Before I could say something, the sound of a blade erupted the silence, followed by a deep gurgling sound. I was shaking. A few minutes went by, and suddenly, I felt someone untie the ropes that had bound my hands. I quickly took off my blindfold, to see a bloodcovered Elliott, holding the rope in his hands. "Didn't think I came prepared, moron?" He chuckled, tossing the rope on the ground. "What happened?" I said, fear shaking my voice. Elliott looked around, and pointed towards a large dark shape on the ground. I quickly recognized the guard who had ambushed us before, his throat slit as if a knife had cut it. "I off-ed him. What do you think happened?" 

Elliott walked over to where Penny was bound, and quickly untied her as well. Surprisingly, she was just managing to wake up. "What the hell happened...?" She said, shaking her head to ward away the grogginess. "We got kidnapped. Elliott smuggled a picketknife in and freed us," I said, optimism perking in my voice. "We can get out of here now!" Penny quickly looked around, and grabbed the phone out of the pocket of the now deceased goon. She dialed what I assumed to be 911, and stepped off into a seperate room, her voice frantic. 

"My god, how did this day go so wrong?" Elliott said, wiping his hands off on a curtain. "Classy Elliott. Just classy," Penny said as she poked her head out of the room. "Shut up for a minute, I'm just wiping my hands off. It's not like anyone will miss these curtains anyways," Elliott said, laughter in his voice. Penny playfully glared at him a second, and then hung up the phone. "The operator said the police are already on their way. We'll be fine!" 

Our cheerful mood was interrupted by a loud banging on the metal door that lead to the outside.

"WHAT'S GOING ON IN THERE? I HEARD SOME COMMOTION, JOHNSON." I'm sure the color drained from our faces, as we recognized that voice from anywhere. It was the voice of the gangleader himself. 

And he didn't sound too happy. 

Part 2

Elliott backed away slowly from the door, cursing under his breath. "Why didn't I think of the other guy coming back?!" He grabbed Penny and I, pulling us up the stairs as quick as he could. "I have a plan to get us, or at least you two, out of here alive. It could be dangerous, but you've gotta trust me on this."

Penny shook her head,"Can't we just bash him over the head and make a break for it?" "Sadly, no. One of the guards was armed, and the guy I took out had no gun. That means the Leader has it," Elliott replied.

We followed him into a small room, which only consisted of a door, a small dusty dresser,  and a broken window. Looking around, Elliott grabbed a small roll of rope in the supply closet, and tied it to the leg of the dresser. He tested it's strength, and satisfied, he threw the other end out the window. Thankfully, it was long enough to reach the ground safely from the second floor.

"Guys, hurry. You climb down first, and I'll stay behind to make sure nothing happens," Elliott said, propping himself against the door,"The lock is broken, so I can just barricade myself."

"Why not just use the dresser?" Penny asked. "I can't. The dresser is bolted down on 3 legs. The only one that moves is the one the rope is tied to," Elliott sighed,"At any rate, you guys should hurr-" A loud bang on the door interrupted him, as the leader tried to open it.

"I know you're in there! Come out of there before I make you!" The banging noise switched to the sound of something I was all too familiar with, the sound of a gun being loaded.

Elliott's face drained of color. "Hurry! Get out before he starts shooting!" Penny nodded, and before I could say anything, Penny grabbed my hand, and pulled me towards the window. We were stopped by the sound of a gunshot. I whipped around, only to see something that truly horrified me. 

Elliott was looking down at his chest. I strained to see what he was looking at exactly, but it didn't take long for me to notice a dark red stain seeping across his jacket. "Oh my god.." I stuttered, watching the stain spread further and further. Elliott shakily looked up, and said, his voice cracking with fear,"Get...out of here."

Not a second afterwords, an armada of bullets pierced his chest. It was horrifying to watch. He stumbled, and collapsed on the floor, his life bleeding out around him. I couldn't believe it. Elliott couldn't be dead. Not after all we had gone through. The murders. The asylum. The hurricanes. 

I didn't have a moment to contemplate it any further. Penny, as quick as she could, swung me over her shoulder, and slid down the rope. I felt like I was in a dream. Everything blurred. Nothing felt real. Finally, Penny fell to the ground, and dropped me off. In the distance, we could hear police sirens. 

Something was about to happen.

Part 3 (Hella Long and Sad)

September 14, 2014

10:00 AM, Central Time Zone

It's been 1 month since we were rescued from the Old Mill. It's kind of funny. Everytime I walk into the office, I expect Elliott to be sitting in his chair like always, sipping his coffee, reading the paper, obsessing over murder mystery stories like he always does. It's just....not the same without him.

I still doubt that he's dead. A small part of me believes he's still alive, that against all odds, he survived, like he always did. The only problem with that is, we dug his body out of the ruins of the mill a few days after it fell. A small earthquake struck Eagle's Bluff on the 15th.

There was a small stand-off between the gang leader and the police after we escaped, but it came crashing to an end...literally. The mill's supports couldn't take the pressure from the earthquake, and it collapsed upon him. The next few days afterwards, we (As in the entire police force) combed through the wreckage. The mill was the only building in town severely affected by the 'quake, so of course, it got the most attention.

We combed through it for hours on end, until finally, Ronnie, the new kid at the office, found something. A hand, sticking out from under a pile of collapsed ceiling panels. A hand eerily similar to Elliott's. When we dug out the corpse, it was in fact my brother. 

It was horrifying to see. Penny tried her hardest to choke back sobs of utter shock and fear, but she failed miserably. I hate to say it, but I had started crying the minute Ronnie had called out,"I found something!" It was inevitable, of course. But still, to think that my brother, whom I had loved with all my heart, had...had..well, died, it was just unthinkable

When we pulled out his pale lifeless corpse, the first thing everyone noticed was the bullet holes. There were many, too many to even count. He had died long before the building had collapsed. He was coated in dust and blood, from his bright blonde hair to his dark police jacket. Ronnie, doing his best to not cry, reached forward, and closed Elliott's eyes for the last time. 

His funeral was the next week. The mood was somber, and dark. I fought off suicidal thoughts after the funeral had passed, and I even found myself holding a gun once or twice, wondering if it'd really be better off if I...shot myself. Finally, Penny and I decided it'd be best for us to visit Elliott's home, and see what he had left in store for us. He had mentioned a will several times in the past, and everyone at the office nagged us to have a look around. 

The owner of the 3 story apartment complex Elliott had resided in had been a close friend of his, so naturally, he kept Elliott's room locked, never to be resold. He gave us the keys to the apartment, wishing us the best of luck for the future. Sherlock and Gumshoe, Elliott's dogs, had been in Penny's care the day know, so the entire apartment was devoid of life with the exception of Penny and I. With a deep breath, we stepped inside.

It still felt like Elliott was with us. Everything was untouched. From the cup of cold coffee on the counter to his television remote perched on the arm of the couch. We started to poke around, and it was hard for me not to cry. I'd been described as a crybaby by others many times, but this felt like some sort of dream. It was unreal.

On the counter, there were many pictures of the three of us together. Elliott had never really been the social type, so Penny and I were basically his only 2 best friends. There was a photo of Andy Gavrel, however, who had been one of Elliott's closest friends since high school. However, Andy had been murdered by Alec, the 5th victim of his murder spree through town. His death hit Elliott hard, I know for a fact.

A note on the fridge caught my attention. It was a birthday card, labeled,"To Jasper, From Elliott." Curious, I opened it up, and sat in one of the kitchen chairs. My birthday had been the 14th of August, the day after we had been kidnapped. I had forgotten it in the aftermath, of course. Who wouldn't?

The card read:

"Dear Jasper,

Since it's your 26th birthday, I wanted to do something special for 'ya this time around. 

I was short on cash, so all I can afford is this card, unfortunately. It works though, right? Heh. 

I just want you to know that no matter how old you get, you'll still be my little brother. And I'll still watch out for you.

My worst fear is that your or Penny get killed on my watch.

You know that right? Good. 

Even if it ends up killing me in the end, which we all know it probably will, I'll still look out for you guys. I promise that.

And I'll keep that promise until the day I die.

Yours truly, 


I couldn't hold it back anymore. I started crying. Why did he have to do it? Why? Why couldn't he have just let me get shot in his place? 

I don't know how long I sat there sobbing. And I didn't care. Thoughts of suicide and doubt plagued my mind, and I felt myself slipping deeper and deeper into what could only be depression. How ironic, the "optimistic freak" becoming depressed? 

Finally, something stirred. I swear I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. Suddenly, the world turned white.

Part 4 (Ending)

August 13th, 2014

8:00 AM, Central Time Zone

I opened my eyes, only to find myself on my desk at work. Dazed and confused, I looked around drearily. The hand that had been on my shoulder previously had now materialized into something I knew very well. 


"Jasper, get up! What were you doing sleeping on the job, moron?!" He yelled, anger in his eyes. Suddenly, it all made sense. The time lapse, the dream-like state. It had all been a dream. A horrifying, terrible dream. I stood up, and hugged him as tight as I could. I think I was on the verge of choking him.

"J-Jasper, let g-go, I can't breat-th," He sputtered. "Sorry Elliott!" I shouted. I stepped back, and he growled. "Anyways, what I was coming to ask was if you wanted to go and investigate a disturbance at the old wheat Mill. We got a few calls about some idiots making noise in there."

My face surely drained of color. This had been the exact same thing that happened in my dream. Surely, it was just a coincidence..?

I snapped back to reality, and shouted,"No!". Elliott looked skeptical. "What's gotten into you, Jasper? Normally you'd love to get out of the office.." I shook my head. "No, we can't go...I..Uh...Have WAY too much paperwork to be able to go investigate something right now. Can't we just wait for a few more calls to come in before we go?"

Elliott shrugged. "Fine, whatever floats your boat, brother."

It's good to be back.

(I'm really sorry for the ending and how cliche it is. I just feel like no one's really noticed it, and that kind of upsets me a little bit, you know? If more people start to notice it, I'll rewrite the ending later. If not, then deal with it.)

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