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This story is about the thread of Gray's possible demotion. I made it like a courtroom situation. :P Yes, I know this will be taken down in a heartbeat, so I will also be uploading it to my dA, MyLittleHFGTime.  Enjoy!

NOTE ONE: In Chapter 1, is this how banning works in the AJW Mansion universe?

Chapter 1: Chief's POV

It was a slow day in the Animal Jam Wiki mansion. Ever since Puppy and CJ were kicked out, nobody has really been talking. I looked around for somebody to chat with, but everybody was either away or in a private message with somebody else. Suddenly, one of Mabel's clones entered, with a disguise of Bill Cipher on. It was the fifth time today she did this.  I rolled my eyes and took out the ban hammer.  " I have to. " I whispered to her. She nodded and braced herself for the hit. I smashed the clone on the head. She fell straight to the floor. She mumbled a few words before she passed out on the floor. I dragged her over to the Stories hut. After a long trudge, I made it. There, I saw Puppy and CJ, yelling and running around, while Ice stood there, watching everything unfold. I ignored all this and walked over to the couch. I carefully put down Mabel's clone.

" Mabel, how many clones do you even have? " I asked, as I entered the chaotic room. 

" That doesn't matter now. Can I just talk to you in private? " Mabel asked me, beckoning me to a corner.  I walked over to her. She opened up a file and dumped out the contents. It seemed to be various pictures. " Ok, so, a few days ago Ice asked for a CheckUser on Gray, and the results were, uh... interesting. " Mabel said, as she shoved a picture of the results. I read them, and I couldn't believe it. I pinched myself.  I had to be dreaming. Our great leader, the Graystripe, had sockpuppets, each of them being other well known users in the community. " Gray is Fire, Spleef, Rinzler, MC, ALL of them! Ice and I were thinking of a demotion thread. What do you think? " Mabel wondered. I dropped the picture in shock. I walked away from the corner, with no answer to the thread question, not knowing if I should be angered, surprised, or depressed.

Ice looked at me. " So, I see Mabel told you the news? " she said, obviously noticing the fake smile plastered on my face. I dropped the act and slumped down next to her.

" I can't believe it. I just can't believe it. " I said, blinking back tears. Ice slowly moved away, trying not to get involved. Mabel took her place. " Dude, why are you crying? It's not like Gravity Falls ended. " she asked me.

" It's not because I'm sad, Mabel. I'm just stressed. " I answered.

" Why? " she questioned.

" Im second in command. If Gray gets demoted, I'll be in charge. Everybody will look up to me. If I do one wrong thing, everybody will hate me. " I explained.

" Nobody will hate you. All humans make mistakes, and  you're human. I think. " Mabel said, trying to make me laugh. I looked at her sternly.  " Yeah, not a good time for jokes, huh? Anyways, I have to go program the clones to tell other users. See you! " Mabel uttered, walking off to her room.

I wiped off the tears and headed to the busy side of the room and tried to stay calm.

Chapter 2: Mabel and Trash Boat's POV

(Mabel's POV part)

I walked into my room. It was dirty, as usual, with lists of cryptograms and electronic cords laying on the floor. I opened my closet door and turned on the dim light.  I looked for which clone to use. 

' Bill? Wait, he's banned. Bonnie? Nah, no Five Nights at Freddy's.'   I thought, as I dug through. Finally, I found Trash Boat, an old alt of mine from when I enjoyed Regular Show. I yanked him out from under the pile and dragged him to the table. I put him down and opened up his circuit board. I took out his microchip and toyed with some wires. Finally, it was all set. Now, I had to get him in.

With Trash Boat trailing behind me, we approached the entrance of the mansion. I picked up Trash Boat like a football and threw him over the tall, golden gates.  He landed face first on the hard pavement.

" Well, that obviously didn't hurt. " Trash Boat sarcastically told me.

" Listen, just go tell Storm and Sea, ok? " I growled at him. Trash Boat ignored me and went off inside.

(Trash Boat's POV part)


NOTE: On hiatus until IDK when because I'll just keep getting blocked, due to Gray wanting me to go to hell. c:

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