I used to play Animal Jam like you, reader. I was a member and my main animal was a dark blue crocodile named Rainy Oceanheart, and I've always hated otters, those furry little rodent things!

I logged on as usual, receiving my weekly diamond and spinning the wheel that appears the first time you log on every day and decided to gain gems by playing Overflow, one of the few minigames I was good at. I decided to quit when I'd reached level 100, which was a long time.

When I exited Overflow, there was a non-member default otter with a member name tag named 'Otter otterotter' jumping up and down on my crocodile's tail tip. It stopped hopping for a moment to say "Will you be my buddy?" and I typed in 'No!' and I was about to press enter when the otter threw a buddy request at my screen. The username was simple: Otter1. The 'No' button was completely removed from the request.

I refreshed but when I logged back on, my crocodile still had the otter on it's tail and the request was still there. I refreshed several more times, and none of them dismissed the buddy request, so I had to click 'Yes', which I did and then opened the otter's profile thing, and to my disappointment, the unbuddy button was removed.

And then the number of messages I had, which was 0, skyrocketed to 999,999,999. I opened my messages and all 999,999,999 of them said "Thanks for being my buddy!" with an otter background, and I silently raged at AJHQ for not making a 'Delete all messages' button. I exited out of the message screen and the otter vanished after I used the members-only angry emote.

I guided my crocodile to Appondale's mud pool while I dragged a punching bag over in real life, but relaxing time was cut short when another Otter Otterotter appeared. I opened my buddy list and deleted all the 'Otter' name buddies (199 other Otters SOMEHOW became my buddies) since the unbuddy button was now visible. Otter2 got angry at me and left after hopping on my crocodile's tail.

With that, I went to my water park den to flee from the otters... but there was Otter3 there, sitting in the bottom left corner and watching my crocodile go down the water slides. Otter3 was joined by Otter4 and Otter5, all with otters named 'Otter Otterotter' who had default fur.

The otters moved towards my crocodile each time I blinked so I fled to Mt. Shiveer in Aldan, which was barely crowded enough for me to slide in to escape the otters. Bad luck, everyone in Aldan was one of the otters. I ended up teleporting to an adventure to escape them. They were there.

And the otters decided they'd had enough with me fleeing. The first otter I'd encountered, which had a slightly different eye style than the others, said "You didn't stay my friend, traitor! You'll regret that!" and the 197 otters that weren't in the adventure came piling in, spawning in a pile covering my crocodile, which now refused to move.

The otters performed an animation I'd never seen before that I will call 'bite', yes, all 200 of them. I saw my crocodile slowly turn red under the biting mass of otters. I managed to take a screenshot when my crocodile was about half red and then, without warning, my computer crashed.

I sent a complaining note with the screenshot to AJHQ next time I started up my computer. They never responded.

Next time I logged on, my crocodile was gone as well as my membership and the only animals I had were default otters named 'Otter Otterotter'. There were no slots left to make a new animal. My account name had changed to 'Otter201'.

I've never found a better excuse to quit a game in my life.

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