Have you ever wondered what Animal Jam used to be like, years before the game's release?

Well, you're about to find out.

The Beginning

A shaded figure was slinking across the camp of refugees. The creature was barely visible, blending in with the looming maples and walls of thorns. A young wolf was busy gnawing a large bone to add to her collage. The carvings seemed to have an intricate and unique design, ancient letters of Old Jamaa unscripted finely into the femur. The young she-wolf had her back hunched, turned from the shadowy figure. As the figure emerged, she gave a low growl.

"You are making a bad choice gnawing that bone,", the figure hissed. The she wolf spun around, snarling, then her expression changed from fury to relief. The figure burst out laughing.

"Oh, Mana! I thought you were the Elder!", the she-wolf burst out, laughing. The other wolf (her name is Mana) giggled. "I knew you would fall for it!", Mana sniggered. "Don't rub it in! Oh, never mind. I was just about to go looking for you after I' finished this Bone Diary." Bone diaries are the neatly carved bones stuck together with marrow and sap, finely written diaries of the summary of the day in the language of Old Jamaa. "Why, Fae?", questioned Mana. "You need to collect some items for the den. Father told me to pass the message on to you. He's going to raid another league of other clan-wolves today! He'll be back in about three, four days perhaps?", Fae, Mana's sister, informed. Mana merely nodded anxiously, and set out to find some dropped items. Many young Jammers ventured out into the Outlands to collect apples, truffles and herbs to sell. Some lucky Jammers even found Gems (Gems are considered very hard to get at the time of Old Jamaa.) and Diamonds in the undergrowth and inside of loose stone enterances. As Mana stalked out, she immediately recognised the cold, glimmering points of a Spike Wristband. Now Mana was no ordinary wolf. She was the first Arctic Wolf, born years primary to The Rules (The 'code' of Animal Jam at the time.) had destined. Her skill was that related to the cold and of ice, a rare power indeed. She was the purest white of snow, despite she somehow mastered camouflage against her odds. She picked her way through the thicket and shredded leaves, and uncovered a Spike Wristband. "Don't see those often 'round the Outlands, but I don't think it would be too good for fixing the drafts in the den.", mused Mana, "Maybe I can tear off the spikes to give to Shane. He's amazing at turning junk into crafts-work. Maybe even replacement claws or teeth for old Girzz!", she said aloud. Tossing the spiky bracelet onto her bowstring, she set off for more things.

The Jammer

(WIP) To Be Continued..