Whew... It's been a rough day, and a really tiring one as well. But these grounds won't study themselves! Mmm, it's nice to sit down and have a nice can of antibiotics and a warm sausage for a day. God, these wounds are awful. They burn like a phantom's heart AND UNDYING RAGE! Alright, I need to calm down. I'm just so tired and alone. My wife is dead... AND I'm the only one left down in this awful research center. Everyone else either chickened out or died. Hmph.

Anyway, I've been getting some weird calls. I know nobody will ever read this.. but I'm just really anxious. The power's beginning to fail after I'm getting these stupid calls. I'm running out of food. Garvey is really trying to send me some food. I think he's got a crush on me... he's been really nice to me lately. I thought he's supposed to be looking after the surviving groups! Well, I won't judge him. He's helping me survive- I ought to really thank him when I get out of here. IF I get out of here...

At least the dogs won't be getting here. I'm pretty mad that I actually signed up for this! All I really had to do was look after a bunch of cyborg wolves and foxes and I... failed! I failed! They kept me in here. It's a shame such powerful creatures are being used for the wrong thing. I thought they'd be used to protect Jamaa from phantom invasions. The Phantom King has been upset over something... are these calls being sent by the phantoms?

I'll answer one tomorrow, maybe the next day. I've gotta keep writing on this tablet of mine. It's about to run out of power, though... but someone will read it someday, I just know it. I hope Garvey is okay with maintaining the rest of the animals with his buddies. Not that I like him or anything, but he's been helping. Welp. My timer says that it's night outside. It's gonna be really hard to sleep with all these screams and barks echoing outside. They're always clawing at the metal door... Well, goodnight vault.




Ugh... Just got back from fighting off some arctic wolves to restore the power. Dang, my paws ache. Stepping on glass is NOT a fun experience. Take it from me! Just used up the last bit of medicine I have. Garvey should send some down soon I hope before these wounds get infected. I have my trusty taser gun at my side to disable those deranged freaks! Until it runs out of power, of course.

Turns out that I just discovered that the entrance to this awful place is stuck. What a shame. I spent 8 HOURS trying to get to that stupid gate! For NOTHING! That's 8 hours of my life I'll NEVER get back. Ugh! Do these jammers just hate me and left me here? Was it something I said? My sexuality? Religion? MY OWN SPECIES? Heck, I don't even KNOW. I'm just concerned on getting out!

I'm pretty hungry as well.... god dangit Garvey. Hurry up, man. Get your head out of that barrel of yours and help me! Okay, that was a lil harsh. Maybe he's just offline, or his signal messed up like last week. I hope not. M-Maybe he's dead? No... he lived through a dang nuclear explosion and escaped without a scratch on his smooth, silky soft fur- no. Just fur, okay? I swear I don't like him.

Those monsters outside my door are still clawing and snarling. I'd better go to bed, since this log was made pretty late.... ugh. I can't sleep.




I'm so tired... I haven't had any sleep at all! They keep barking and making these buzzing sounds. They know it's bothering me, too. Like they can sense it... I still don't have any friends down here. It feels really lonely now that I'm thinking about it. Garvey hasn't sent me any messages. I'm getting worried.

I can hear some of the foxes talking to me. They say they don't want to hurt me because I am a fox, but I don't believe it. I know their tricks! Poor Nira got tricked when he was on shift and got slaughtered by them.... I feel bad for him. He got turned into one of them after death. Well, his body did. I can still hear him now.

The medications I have right now aren't working. My wounds are getting infected due to the bacteria in this room... the power's going down. It's getting so cold... The heating systems are broken too, since those crazy arctic wolves obsessed with actual electric power, just like their greed, chewed the wires. They literally think they're on top of everything. At least the wolves have calmed down... they got their pills.

Anyway, it's getting late, and that's when the jackals come out... yes, jackals. They genetically modified foxes and called them jackals. They're so LOUD and they attack ANYTHING. I should go to sleep before they come out. I'll write a longer entry tomorrow...


[WOO, A NEW STORY THING? I actually got my lazy brain to produce something I'll actually want to write, hooray! I'll try to update this each day until a certain mark, I'm not sure when though. You'll learn what happens in the story soon :^)

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