It was a boring day in Starclaw's den. OldSleepyBuddy, the wolf who has happened to own the den, invited her species's alpha, known as Greely. They were both bored. "Greely, do you want to open up a restaurant, we can use that abandoned cottage no one used before," said OldSleepyBuddy. " Sure,-in deep and evil voice-WE CAN USE PHANTOMS AS THE MEAT,"he said and his pupil turned red. So they both went to the abandoned cottage and they put up a sign called, "Jamaa's Finest burgers. They set up the place and decorated the chairs and tables with golden straw colored cloth. While Buddy went to cut up the cabbage so they can be ready for the burgers, Greely quietly ran to a phantom castle and pretend he was a phantom so he phantom-napped 8 juicy phantoms and brought them to the cottage where he knocked them out and cut their heads off one by one and smashed the phantom heads and turned them into "beef patties" and set them out and he turned the legs into "grape juice" and put lots of grape in so they won't notice the phantom legs flavor. So Buddy just went on making burgers and serving them to the customers but one of the customer which was a koala said that the burgers were unusually gross. SleepyBuddy said," Well, we will give you a refund, right Greely?, GREELY?!." He didn't answer but he was there since Greely was above that "rude" koala and he pounced onto the koala. The customers around him were terrified and ran to their homes but SleepyBuddy didn't leave so she said," Greely, are you ok". She saw Greely slashing and clawing at the koala, ripping out its eyeballs and guts, and EATING them. Greely turned around and saw the terrified shivering wolf and said, "OldSleepyBuddy, I must do this." " NO, YOU CAN'T", said OldSleepyBuddy but this annoyed Greely so Greely turned around and roared as loud as he can and he knocked out OldSleepyBuddy. THE END PLZ CHECK OUT MY PAGE " CHARACTER AUDITIONS FOR A FIVE NIGHTS AT JAMAA/ANIMAL JAM". I REALLY NEED SOME AUDITIONS!

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