Special thanks to NightshadeTheWolf for the idea of this story! Nightshade can edit this story in any way, but no one else can except for typos. Thanks! ~Rags


Have you ever wondered about the past of Animal Jam? Almost all jammers have for one reason: Rares. Rares are from the past, obviously, which makes them rare. All players know that if they played in the past, they would have rares now. When you have rares, you can trade, show off, brag, wear them, and so on as long as you keep them safe. For this reason, not many people think about the future of Aj. And if you don't, well, I suppose you're smart. Learn about two jammers named Clever MoonClaws, who is a bear (A future animal in Jamaa) And Creepy QuiteEyes (A spider, also a future animal) Who live in the future, desperate to learn about AJHQ, Who, in our present, owns Animal Jam and makes sure everyone on their website is happy and safe! However, in their present, AJHQ are never-responding, silent owners of AJ.

To be continued...

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