Feel broken Down, so much pain.                                                                                                              My heart, it bleeds, of whom i can not explain.

                                                    Can't stop the tears, they fall like rain                                                                                                                Today i will feel my oath, of you. Ayne..

Chapter One: The Death.

Snow, Monster and Gorgues pranced around Jamaa township grinning and cleverly admiring their new headdresses. Snow, got a rare one while the others, had Blue and white, and red and beige. They past a homeless bunny asking for donations, Snow gave the signal and they all kicked the poor Bunny. The bunny screamed at the top of her lungs, no one helped. They all thought she was crying wolf, so they all ignored her.. After a few kicks and punches, the bunny's eyes teared up. Then.. They closed. Forever. Snow, and the others shocked, they hid the body in a nearby bush. They buried it so no one would see, but Peck saw. Peck sees all. 

Chapter Two: Revenge.

Snow, Monster and Gorgues ran to Snow's winter den, where they were met by the Bunny Alpha, Peck, she laughed manically and pulled out dual samurai swords, she soon said "Finally, I get to test these babies out!" After saying that, she laughed as if she made a actually funny joke, but Snow and the other didn't think it was funny, not at all. Peck sliced a bit of the Snow fort and licked the blade, she then got a cut on her mouth, and tongue. "You're next." then, "Take a life, give a life - By force, it's more fun that way!" She then smiled with her bloody teeth. Peck ran at Monster and stabbed Monster in the chest, making a huge hole. Dark red Blood flowed out of the wound like a waterfall over rocks. Next was Gorgues, who dodges some stabs then got her ear sliced. The Dual swords was now bathed in blood. Snow, the last of them flinched and ran. But.. She didn't know that, one does not simply run away from peck. Peck, will find you. That's exactly what Peck did. Snow, begged for forgiveness with her front paws near her face, while sitting up like a raccoon. Peck simply replied "Take a life, Give a life.." Then with both swords in hand, she cross chopped Snow. Peck smiled, put away her swords and grabbed snows body. She then tailed back to Snow's den where there was already two bodies of Monster and Gorgues. She set Snow down on top of them forcefully, then burned them all down. With their charred bodies. Peck buried them, in the snow. Where they could never be seen again. The homeless bunny's name was.. Ayne. Peck's sister, she sent Ayne out because Peck was mad at her begging for clothing all the time. "I should've known" she muttered. "I Should've been there".. Sad faced she returned home, with bad news for her family. 

The end. 

(C) Myfriendsthewolf