You just scammed somebody. Are you proud of yourself?

I bet you're not thinking anything of it...are you...?

UGH! Hello? Can you hear me? I'm trying to make you a better person, you greedy little bastard!

Whatever. I just hope you know it's foolish to obsess over a game you won't spend your life person. The other user is equally foolish for bothering you about it.

I'll just go back to the dark corners where nobody can reach me. I'll just watch you fade away from back here. This is where all the bad and forgotten ones go, did you know that?

Why am I still're too happy over that stupid rare blue wrist spike anyways. I'll be off now.

Oh? Now you're worried? Yeah, I can see that. I can see everything from here.

It's a shame you have to watch this vengeful user strip your account of everything you cheated out of another and held dear. Claiming to be yours. Weren't you so happy to finally be the rarest Jammer? You still didn't deserve these items... not in a million years.

Yup. I see those tears streaming down your face. You know, they did warn you. They were still nice enough to give you a chance to send/trade back....but you just ignored.

While I hear you scream, allow me to say what I was once told...

"One of these days, you'll end up messing with the wrong person. Not everybody is the same. Not everyone is so tolerant with this behavior. One day you'll be in a ditch. Bruised. Bleeding. Beaten. Shape up."

Yup, I learned my lesson fast.

Seems this person has their way with computers.

-Sigh- Some people are too dedicated to a game... it makes me sad.

Best grab your best line of defense there, kid. Not sure what else this person can do.

What a crazy world we live in. Ranging from being angry about the wrong order to a major devotion to an RPG. Sad, sad.

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