Hello everyone :D I decided to write a story about the crash of the animal jam servers in 2012. Remember that? I do. I want to add some jammers who were on for that part, and I want 2 things if you want to be in it.

1) Put your animals name down.

2) Answer this question, What was the code given to all jammers?

There are mainly only 3 people other than me. One is actually going to "do" something while the other two get a name cameo. Okay? Im probably going to finish this by early March. Let me just give you the main plot;

Juniper SnowyIvy and her friend ( Insert Name Of Jammer ) were about to log on animal jam, until they get a sign saying that the ajhq is "battling some pesky phantoms," but Juniper and her friend try multiple times to get in. But once they do, everything is glitched and ruined, and they can not get out of the game until the bugs are all fixed. But this is causing a problem for ajhq, so it takes longer, so Juniper and her friend have to stay alive on the game until they finish "battling the phantoms" . But as they try to have fun, their animals are lagging and glitching up. Her friend starts to worry what will happen, but finally, the servers are fixed as more animals appear. Ajhq sends them a Jam-a-gram with a code, but when they type it in, the game sends the item, it starts glitching up again, and the screen turns black and some words appear in what looks like blood, saying PeSkY PhAnToMs...

Thats what happens,

Okay, 3 spots are remaining :D You know what to do if you wanna enter!!!

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