Phantasite (Part 1)

Curiosity Kills (Not Really, It Just Leads To Trouble)


"Where the heck are you, Valorie?", shouted a very impatient fox, waiting in front of a exit portal for his comrade. A small mint-colored bunny was hopping around in a strange black cave they passed a few minutes ago, exploring it. "Just a few more seconds, please!", she shouted back. She could hear his groaning and complaints about her taking so long.

She just rolled her eyes and kept hopping around the cave, examining pitch black stones lodged into the walls as if they were thrown there. She got farther into the cave until she bumped the back of the cave... but it was all... pudgy? She pulled out a flashlight to reveal a black tentacle-like thing hanging from the ceiling. "Eww... I wonder what happens if I hit it..." She threw her flashlight mindlessly at the black thing, only to find her flashlight breaking because the tentacle pulled away so swiftly. " how am I gonna find my way out?", she thought, as the cave curved a bit from the opening, blocking the view of the entrance.

Then she hear something behind her. "Who's there?" she said in a shaky voice. "I-I'm just alone...right?" "I wouldn't agree on that" ,said a small, deep voice. Then something dropped from the ceiling of the cave onto her head. "AHHHH!!! GET OFFA ME!!!" Valorie started swinging her paws around, trying to slap it off. The thing got a bit nervous about being discovered. He jammed one of his tentacles into her mouth. "Shut it, carrot breath! And stop moving, or I'll be forced to tear your ears off!"


Then she became quiet... for a while. He started shoving another tentacle into her right ear violently. "AIEEEEEEE!!! What are you d-doing!?!" Now Valorie was screeching louder than before and started to run around. Then the thing stopped moving his tentacle... and grabbed her brain stem. Surprisingly, he knew here it was,and he stuck his tentacle into it like a mosquito sticking its mouth into a blood vein. ( comes the gross part...ugh. >.O) Suddenly, Valories eyes rolled into her head twice, then her eyes turned purple instead of brown. Some black substance started to leak out of her eye sockets and her mouth and ran down her bright fur. (Why am I doing this? XD) She coughed up some of that black stuff onto the floor and started to change in appearance. The thing gripped her head as she became larger. Soon, out of impatience, the fox stormed into the entrance, steaming mad. "How long does it take for you to- What the..." He started to feel sick and ran out of the cave, grossed out and terrified of what he saw. Then he remembered seeing something on top of that horrid looked fammiliar to him. He thought about it as he stumbled back to the exit portal...then he knew what it was...a...Phantom?!? (I need to practice on drawing Animal Jam characters, do I? XD - starts sketching Foxy The Pirate Fox in my sketchbook -)

[P.S. This is my first story based off of this game. Don't judge, unless you're a thoughtless Jammer. >.>] ~⌘

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