A dark gray non member rabbit in full phantom armor sulked behind the news board in Jamaa Township. He was ignored, as usual. One specific member, an arctic wolf named Major Majormajor who was white with light blue overfur, a rare blue spiked collar and rare blue spiked wristbands, stood out from the rest. "TRADE ME! SPIKE COLLARS ON TRADE!" Major Majormajor shouted to the sky. The non member rabbit, Little Rainybunny, narrowed his dark blue eyes, sight locked onto the arctic wolf. "Those members... WILL PAY. One by one..."

Little Rainybunny inched out from behind the news board, head turning as he shifted. As soon as his front paws touched the cobblestone, he shouted "PLAY AN ADVENTURE WITH ME!" at Major Majormajor. "Why should I?" came the reply from Major Majormajor. "PLAY AN ADVENTURE WITH ME!" Little shouted again. "Fine, what adventure?" "PLAY AN ADVENTURE WITH ME!" Major was getting frustrated. "Fine, Return Of The Phantoms..." "PLAY AN ADVENTURE WITH ME!" "Phantom Portal?" "PLAY AN ADVENTURE WITH ME!" "Meet Cosmo?" "PLAY AN ADVENTURE WITH ME!" Major Majormajor was raging by the time he'd reached Meet Cosmo.

"WHICH FREAKING ADVENTURE DO YOU WANT TO PLAY?!" Major roared. "G", "R", "E" "A", "T" Little simply said, one letter at a time. "The Great Escape? But that's members only!" Major replied. "PLAY THE ADVENTURE WITH ME!" Little shouted again, slightly changing his wording. Major ended up hosting the adventure 'The Great Escape', and Little joined despite the fact he was a non member.

The adventure started by itself. Everything was normal about the adventure... until they entered The Great Tower. Major expected that Little would be in the same room, but he was no where in sight. He shrugged it off, pulled the hidden lever, and continued all the way to the top floor and beat the Phantom Sprouters in one massive blast. As soon as he stepped on the balcony, he knew things were going haywire. Greely never appeared. Instead, there was a dark gray phantom with sightly blue tinted eyes...

The phantom coiled it's bottom two tentacles arround Major Majormajor the Arctic Wolf's neck. "Any last words before you die, you pathetic 'MEMBER'?" it snarled. 'I'm doomed...' were the arctic wolf's last thoughts as lightning arced from the Phantom's tentacles and into Major Majormajor's body, frying his insides. The phantom threw Major Majormajor off the balcony, floated down, grabbed his spike collar and wristband, and floated off into the woods. As soon as it got out of sight from the Tower, it turned into Little Rainybunny, wearing the exact same phantom armor set. "That's one down... who knows how many more to go?"

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