(RATED PG-13 FOR HORROR ELEMENTS) This was recovered from the now abandoned AJ Labs. They were doing a report on the effects of phantoms and their different items. It did not go as planned, but let's let the story begin.

Day 1: Experiment Begins

"Hello world. I am Maxwell. Today in AJ Labs, we're starting an experiment. We are testing the effects of Phantoms, Phantom Pipes, Phantom Gasses, and Phantom Water. We're using imprisoned animals declared "enemies of Jamaa" as the test subjects. Subject #1 will be living with a Phantom, but the Phantom's electric abilities have been removed. Subject #2 will be living near a Phantom Pipe, which will be his air vent. Subject #3 be in a regular containment cell with Phantom Gasses (PG) being pumped in with the airflow. Subject #4 will have all of his beverages be mixed with Phantom Water (PW). Everything has been set up, and nothing abnormal has been noticed. End log."

Day 2: Subject Update

"Day 2, and we've already noticed abnormal changes in the subjects. Subject #1 has gained an abnormal attraction to The Phantom (Who we will now refer to as Subject #1.5). Subject #1.5 is displaying agitated behavior, due to not being able to attack Subject #1. Subject #2 has begun to have random nosebleeds and randomly twitching. Subject #3 is beginning to have hallucinations and scratch at the walls. Subject #4 is beginning to sweat PW. I regret signing up for this."

Day 3: Subject Update #2

"This is escalating quickly. The effects are worsening on the subjects. Even I feel sorry for them Subject #1 is trapped in some sort of... pod. Subject #1.5 is sitting in a corner, doing nothing. Subject #2 is in a coma, and is beginning to scream randomly. Subject #3 has become hostile, and his containment chamber has been locked. Subject #4's body is beginning to turn into PW. So far his left hand has dissolved into PW.

Day 4: Distress Call

"Researchers are going missing. Subject #1 emerged from the cocoon, a half-phantom abomination. It crawled into the vents. Subject #1.5 has begun to transform into some type of... large Phantom. We've trapped it in the cell. Subject #2 was dragged into the vents and likely eaten by Subject #1. When we searched for his body, all we found was a pack of smaller phantoms. My guess is that he was either eaten, or his body was wrapped in an egg sac, and he... I don't want to discuss it. Subject #3 has also transformed into a phantom hybrid, but much more phantom like, and only large boom seeds can damage him. Subject #4 is dead, half his body is PW. I am trying to escape."

Day 5: Escape

"All the other researchers except me and another one are dead. Subject #1 has fused with Subject #3, into some sort of... split faced thing. Subject #1.5 has broken out, and is destroying everything. The other surviving researcher has been mentally taken over by a phantom. He's trying to release these into the world. Subject #2 was alive. He's going to escape with me. It turned out the vent phantoms came from some sort of phantom egg sac. Subject #4 is just a puddle now. Subject #2 is outside. I'm attempting to seal the door shut. I'm sure this will be easy.

Day 5.5: The Fight

It didn't go as planned. The other researcher (His name was Alex or something, I don't remember) tackled me. I pushed him back. He began to attempt to strangle me. I threw him against the wall when he began to have phantom tentacles sprout from his back. He tried grabbing me, but using my fox teeth, I bit it off. He wallowed in pain. He was turning into a Phantom Hybrid. We battled until we were on a high rise. Down below us, was the giant Subject #1.5. With a huge blow, the corrupted researcher fell into one of the Subject's tentacles. Subject #1.5 threw him against the wall, paralyzing him. Just as I was walking back to the exit. I saw the Split-Face Hybrid enter. It immediately saw The Researcher on the ground. I heard screams, which were definitely his. I sealed the door shut. Subject #2 was waiting outside. We ran to civilization. We knew this had to be secret.


The AJ Labs were abandoned. The journal was found in the deeper area of Sarepia Forest. Maxwell is now living among the public. One discovery made was 1.5. He was the first Phantom King.