Here are the Phantom Island Character Descriptions

Chapter 1

I walked into the meeting. Enchanted, my best friend, took the seat next to her. Other animals also walked in. I had seen a few of them at Adventure Training, but didn't know any of them. The door at the back opened and the Alphas walked in. Not all of them, just the main well-known ones. "Thanks for coming." said Liza as she sat down. "Now, we would like to add an area to Animal Jam." Animal Jam is the capital city of Jamaa. There are a lot of citizens living there, but most of them are from a different world, teleported from their computers. A small handful of them were born here, and unlike the others, know about the other half of Jamaa. The Alpha Lands. I have grown up there because Jade is my mother and Sir Gilbert is my father. My father is often away, so it's always just me and my mother. Only children of Alphas can enter the Alpha lands, unless a citizen has proved themselves in the programmed adventures. Then they can go on actual missions, and train properly with the Alphas. Anyways, back to the story. "So how does this involve us?" said a black and white wolf from across the room. "Well there are some issues with this island." said Cosmo. I nudged Enchanted. She was staring dreamily off into the distance. I knew what she was thinking about. Sun, sand, ice cream and boys. Ick. "There are some phantoms on this island, and they have infested it. We need you to go over for a month and take care of them." He continued. "Why can't you do it?" said a grey wolf. Everyone turned to look at her. She blushed. "I didn't m-mean to be rude." she stammered. "It's all right." said Graham. "We can't do it because we have to look after Jamaa. We would all have to go and the minor alphas are adventuring. There is only Jade, Biff and Ruby still here, but that's not enough. So we looked at the stats for our Training Programme, and you were the top ten." I smiled proudly. " If you are up for it," growled Greely. " Then meet at the wharf on Sunday. Are you all free?" We nodded. "Good. We will travel on the Blue Heron."

Chapter 2

The wharf was packed on Sunday. I struggled through the crowd, Enchanted behind me. "I'll be right back!" she said running over to a penguin selling bubblegum. I sighed and went on without her. As I walked up to the Blue Heron, I spotted the grey wolf and a brown and white wolf on deck. I waved and they waved back. I walked up onto the ship. "Hi. I'm Duchess." said the grey wolf. "I'm Eternal." added the brown and white wolf. "I'm Snowflake." I replied. As I spoke an otter, two more wolves, an Arctic wolf and Enchanted ( carrying a crate of bubblegum ) walked up on the ship. "Hi" said the yellow and blue wolf. "I'm Awes-" The otter yelled "I'm the War Jester!!!" Everyone one turned around and looked at her. She burst out laughing. "Mythical they look so funny!" she cried to the other wolf. "Anyways," the yellow and blue wolf continued "I'm Awesome." "Full of yourself much!" I said. "No - My name's Awesome" she said. "Okay then, what's your name?" I asked. "THAT IS MY NAME - AWESOME!" she yelled, finally losing her temper. "Oh.... Sorry" I said, turning as red as Enchanted's raspberry bubblegum. "It's okay." she said and went off to introduce her self to the others. I went over to Enchanted who was talking to the other animal of her kind ( the Arctic wolf ) "This is Juniper." she said. "Hi." I said. "Hi." she replied. Suddenly a black and white wolf emerged from the shadows, giving Eternal a huge jump scare. At the same time the Alphas ran up the plank on to the ship. Duchess jerked her head toward Juniper. She trotted over and introduced herself. "Hi! I'm Duchess!" A huge smile came onto Junipers face "Have we met? I think we have!" Cried Juniper. Duchess gasped "We have! I remember you! We used to play in the pillow room as pups!" I grunted. "We are getting off topic! Lets go help Eternal." I groaned. "Whyyy?" Duchess complained. "Because, she hit her head on the wood planks! Come on!" I dragged Duchess over to Eternal and I pushed Duchess over to Eternal. "Ooo! I get to test my healing powers!" Duchess closed her eyes and focused on Eternal. Eternal raised her head "Wha-What happened?" The black and white wolf laughed. He helped up Eternal "Sorry 'bout that! The names Docter!"