Doctor Fieryninja:

The leader of the pack.

An ancient wolf that has been with AJ for a long time.

Pelt: Black and white.

Eyes: Completely blue.

Main weapon: Magic infused scottish claymore.

Sexuality: Hetrosexual.

Personality: Calm, neutral, accepting, descisive, romantic and able minded. He is ready to fight if needed to and has fought the phantoms before.

The War Jester

A maniacal otter that loves to make people laugh.

Fur: Black, light blue, light pink.

Eyes; Black     

Accessories; A jester hat, a vine bracelet and a special necklace...

Main Weapon; Makes anything laugh so hard they explode, it's laugh kills anything within 15 feet that isn't an ally. Basically, Laughter.

Personality; Maniacal, Scary, Mad in the head, Mysterious. She wasn't always maniacal and mad in the head. She has a deep dark past that she has barely regained, she can only briefly grasp the memories before they leave it again. This makes her even more mad in the head.

It is never scared and is close friends with Mythical (Superspirit).

She is never caught off guard and she can tell anyone's moods by how they move, avert their eyes, their expression and what they're doing.

She also calculates percentages of where the anything will strike, if it will work, but only if she's seen the type battle before.

Example:Phantom King

60% chance it will slam 35% chance it will summon minions 5% chance it won't slam when under.

But sometimes, the target is unpredictable.

Please note the War Jester got these skills from her Madness. (sorry if she seems OP, but the last skill is a strategy skill, and the 2nd skill isn't used for fighting at all.)


Name : Awesome Sunnybrave ( not fman )

Fur : yellow with blue splotches and white underbelly

Gender : girl

Eyes : blue

Weapon : knife 

Sexuality : straight Personally : funny, nice , can go insane when blood is seen but can be snapped out of it.

Name: Mythical (Superspirit)

Gender: Male

Eyes: White

Weapon: Basic magic

Sexuality: Aromantic/Asexual

Personality: Calm, cool, collected. Except when he sees a witch. He starts squealing like a baby unless he isn't comforted. The calm personality is a cover to his terrified interior. He fights with basic magic, even though he is good with a sword, because he doesn't want to be attacked by phantoms. He has had a terrifying past, with many fires and deaths. He is very smart and likes strategy, not chaos. His good friend is the War Jester, which he met in the Great War. He is very serious, especially when he is in his calm cover. The other group members may see him as a no-fun hermit. He has gotten used to jokes because of the War Jester, whose jokes were A-grade.

Snowflake Snowyleopard

Gender: Female

Eyes: Dark blue

Weapon: Sword

Personality: Funny, smart and a bit weird. She has a snaggle tooth she got as a child and if anyone dares ask her about they won't be around to tell the story. She also lacks confidence.

Gender: Female

Eyes: Light Blue

Animal: Arctic Wolf

Fur color: Blue and dark blue

Accessories: Nerd Glasses, Spiked collar, Leg armor, and a pirate sword

Weapon: The sword

Personality: Smart, nice, and funny likes being random and referencing, is a friendly, social able person, and is partially ( tries to be ) stealthy, when she is, she is best with a sword, but mostly, likes to use her brains to help a team.

Name: Eternal Sunnywolf


Eyes: Black

Animal: Arctic wolf

Fur colour: Base colour is light brown, the rest is white, no pattern

Accesories: Raccoon hat default colour, red heart locket, elf tail armor and golden brown bow and arrows

Weapons: Bow and arrows, elf tail armor (spikes will portrude out when attacking)

Personality: Nice, sometimes awkward, slightly rebellious and loyal.

Name: Duchess Vonivy

Gender: Female

Eyes: White

Animal: Wolf (normal wolf XD)

Fur colour/color: Main fur is Dark Grey and underbelly is Light Grey, has white lightning bolts as a pattern

Accesories: Light purple fox hat, light purple worn, friendship gauntlets, and purple tail armor, purple moon necklace.

Weapon: Gauntlets. The hearts will turn into axes while the red trail left behind is acid.

Personality: Nice, Socially Awkward, Weird, Keeps secrets well

Name: Swimming Spiritfox

Gender: Male

Eyes: Blue

Animal: Fox

Fur colour: Main fur is orange, white underbelly, tail tip, and undermuzzle, Black around ears, nose tip is black, and has a little black mark next to it, black legs.

Accesories: Light Blue Rare Worn, Light Blue Rare Fox Hat, Wind Amulet and gauntlets.

Weapon: He can shoot the leaves circling the gauntlets like throwing knives.

Personality: Smart, Shy, Anger Issues, Bad Jokes LOL

Extra: He has a pet Sugar Glider named Candy, she is black with a white stripe, big round eyes, and a mini bow.

Name : Enchanted Fastfox

Gender : Female

Eyes : Turquoise eyes

Weapon : Controls plant growth ( In other words don't make her mad or you may find yourself trapped in a giant Chomper Plant )

Personality : Friendly, likes music and is very attractive.

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