Hello, Everyone! This is my first story on the AJ stories wiki. I'm actually quite nervous right now, this is the first time I'm posting one of my stories in public! So please don't expect much. I promise I'll try my best in making this story as enjoyable as possible!

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I have no clue how to make a chapter thingy. Do I use "heading"? I also don't know how to make it seem like a character is thinking.

Chapter 1: New Discoveries

How do the animals of Jamaa increase each day? The phantom king pondered. It was true; more and more animals appeared in Jamaa, which made the jammers outnumber the phantoms greatly. This, of course, was a problem for the phantoms. With more jammers messing with their plans, trapping phantoms, and blowing them up, the phantoms could be lead to extinction. They had to find out what was the source of these jammers and destroy it. So, he called his trusty servant, Zap.

"what is it, your majesty?" Zap asked.

"are you aware that the number of animals of Jamaa is increasing daily?"

"Yes, very much aware."

"Then, what I want you to do is to find out where all the new ones come from. Once you find out, tell me about it."

"will do, your majesty." with those words, Zap quickly left the phantom hive.

Getting to the place where jammers come from was a piece of cake. No jammer knew how to get there, so Zap didn't have to deal with the annoying animals. Once he got there, he hid in the bushes and waited patiently.

Peck's P.O.V

Peck loved the idea that she would be the first alpha a jammer would see. The fact that they would only know her name and wouldn't know the other alphas' made her smile. The grass crunched beneath her hind paws as she walked toward her assigned spot. Getting anxious to meet the new jammer, she broke into a sprint. The wind blew past her long ears, jingling the bell attached to her left ear. She was known to be the youngest (and most childish) of the alphas, so, to the young jammers, she was the most fun. She laughed at this thought, knowing that this new jammer would get along with her very easily. She stopped EXACTLY where she needed to be, and listened. Bunnies where known to have excellent hearing. That plus alpha powers would equal to MEGA HEARING! Which, obviously, meant that she had 10 times better hearing than the average bunny. Suddenly, she picked up the new jammer's sound, which, sounds like the jangling of bells. Peck twitched her left ear, causing her bell to jangle. For your information, she

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A jammer's conscious (sorry if you don't like it, I just prefer to draw with the classic pencil and pen).

had this bell to guide the new jammers to the special spot for them. The sound of jingling bells grew louder, to a point where Peck knew she didn't have to jingle hers. Then, the clouds parted, and a bright, blue light descended from the sky, in the shape of a small bird. This was the jammer's consciousness, coming to jamaa. When it neared the ground, it started glowing brighter and brighter. Peck had to shield her eyes. Once the light died down, peck opened them.

There, in the glowing bird's place, stood a wolf. It looked at their surroundings, a face filled with confusion and interest.

Zap's P.O.V

Zap stared at the wolf in disgust. So this was where those meddling animals came from, he thought. He backed away from his hiding spot, only to notice he accidentally polluted a few. He growled in annoyance. Unfortunately, he growled loud enough for Peck to hear. But, before she could even check the bushes, he was off.