Featuring: Garnet the Cardinal Alpha.

A battle scarred cardinal sat between the shady branches of a sturdy oak as the sun steadily rose like it did every day. The colorful birds that inhabited the forest were already up and darting through the trees, playing tag or taunting the black one eyed gelatinous blobs below. Just another sunny morning in the phantom infested forest with vivid bright plants that grew better than Main Jamaa's plants, Vividwing Forest. The cardinal sighed, shifting around on the branch, adjusting his raspberry-ish red armor. If only there was something to do... The light of the sun reflected off the raspberry-ish red sword the cardinal had gently placed in front of him.

A few of the black one eyed blobs called phantoms silently hovered below him, but despite his scars the cardinal still had sharp sight. Finally, something to do! He grabbed the sword and leaped into the air as a pink bolt of electricity hit where he was seconds before. Swooping down with a loud screech, the cardinal swiped the sword in a spinning motion, cleaving the phantoms into dust.

"Good, there go those pesky phantoms..." the cardinal spoke to himself. A loud squawk from above interrupted him. "Phantoms in the hollow, phantoms in the hollow! PHANTOMS IN THE HOLLOW, GARNET!" The neon yellow bird squawked at him. The cardinal, who was named Garnet, sighed and followed his yellow companion to the Meeting Hollow. Sure enough, there were phantoms on the seats, 'living' ones if you can call evil spirit black one eyed blobs living.

"HHIIIIII-YYAAHH!!!" Garnet leaped into the hollow, bringing down his sword on the top of the nearest phantoms. The phantoms tried to hit him with their pink bolts of electricity, but Garnet ducked and dodged them all. He proceeded to multi spin attack the remaining phantoms, slicing them into thin black gelatinous slices that disappear into clouds of dust.

"Well, that's those phantoms - NOT MORE PHANTOMS!!!!!" Garnet screeched as MORE phantoms poured in, and the yellow feathered bird was no where in sight. This time, the phantoms only crackled with pink electricity. Garnet lunged forward, slicing them all horizontally to dissipate them, but with a quiet ripping noise. Garnet tried to victory squawk again only for a phantom to hit him on the head.

Fearing the phantom would zap him, he uppercutted the phantom before it could do anything, this time with a slightly louder ripping noise as a small bit of stuffing fell onto his face. He whipped around to find more phantoms, this time in a circle, around him. Garnet spun his sword in a large spin attack, destroying most of them with a loud ripping noise, taking out the undestroyed ones with a second spin. As he looked up, another phantom, this time much heavier, landed on his face.

Screeching, Garnet tried to swing again, but this time his sword met a bolt to the blade. He kept pressing against the phantom's tentacle that was holding the sword back, only for the phantom to grip the sword and fling it across the room. Now with no defenses, Garnet tried running but was pinned, but the phantom got off and blocked the entrance to the hollow with itself. He was trapped, and more phantoms dropped down from above. The cardinal looked up again and a growing sense of dread and anger spread throughout Garnet's body as a shadow above him grew increasingly larger.

He gasped as his breath was knocked out of him, something heavy on top of him slowly crushing his ribcage. "Get OFF MEEEE!!!!" he managed to shriek as he saw the pupils of the other phantoms slide open like vertical doors, revealing other colorful birds inside. Those phantoms were flipping robots! A sickening CRACK was heard and a sharp pain came from Garnet's wing. The weight has broken his wing! In rage, Garnet picked up the weight which looked like a Phantom King and threw it at the phantom robots, sending them flying into the wall.

Garnet then ran over, picked up his sword, and hit the yellow goldfinch inside a phantom robot in the beak with the handle end of his sword before storming out of the hollow screeching angrily, ignoring his broken wing in rage while the other birds burst out laughing.

"Uh, I think we should go repair Garnet's helmet..." squawked the half robot oriole from inside his phantom robot after a long 30 minutes of laughing.

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