This is the sequel to A Fire-Breathing Dragon.

Chapter 1:

I took a deep breath and looked around. Text bubbles advertising trade lists, parties, and everything else around floated above Jammers. I had a secret. Unlike most people, I was actually in the game. I suppose you could say I am nothing but code. Whatever you think, I had taken different parts of animal codes like the phoenix variant of the pet peacock and the eagle to create my own animal. A phoenix.

Why had I done this? I wanted to get rid of the dragon virus. Why a phoenix, though? Because nobody would listen to an average eagle.

Watching all the dragon fans disgusted me. How could they not see that their buddies were turning evil? I watched each player, looking for those few people who had noticed the evil dragons and were willing to take them down.

"Stay away from the dragons, Bouncing. They are evil." I heard one nearby Jammer murmur softly to someone. The speech bubble was very faded and disappeared quickly. Perfect! I immediately sent him a buddy request, along with a JAG asking him to meet me at my den. I had got the first Jammer to join me.

After a short time, I managed to find six people. I had chosen two people at a time, so that they all had a buddy. They were waiting at my den, a small den, rather reluctantly as if they thought I would do the same to them as the dragons.

I flew towards the entrance of the empty den, where they were waiting. Taking note of their nametags, I landed. There was Miss Snowyclaws, an arctic fox with ice-themed clothing and cat ears with whiskers. She had a silver bow and arrows. Infinity Thestar, a red and shadow themed owl, with dark gray bow and arrows. Princess Windyviolet, a palomino horse with gingerbread wings, brown, and wind-themed items. Incredible Templegem, a black goat with pale yellow or gold markings and items. Lucky Spiritlily, a purple, black and white otter. Finally, there was Daredevil Speedyninja, a green and grey seal wearing a grey diamond shop spiked collar and the spirit set. The arctic fox and owl were buddies, the horse and goat were buddies, and the seal and otter were buddies.

"Do you wish to get rid of the dragon virus?" I asked, hoping it would either appear in a chat bubble or be heard over the den music. I looked up. It was a chat bubble. Slowly, people said that they do want to stop it, but they still seemed unsure of me.

"Do you trust me?" I asked. Immediately, I got replies. They all said no in some way. Great. I tried again. "Do you trust me?" This time, guessing correctly that I wouldn't stop until they said yes, they reluctantly agreed.

Don't ask me how I did it, but as soon as they said yes, I brought them into the game as their animals. I waited for a few minutes while they got over the shock of being a cartoon animal. Princess, the horse, and Infinity, the owl, started flapping their wings and started to fly. To be honest, I doubted that Princess would fly with those tiny wings on that big body, but it worked. All of them were experimenting with their animal self.

After about four minutes, Lucky the otter brought everyone's attention back to me by saying "How did you do that? And.. Will you be able to turn us back?" I was satisfied when I heard her say that and didn't see it. After a moment of silence, I replied. "I have no idea, I just can. And to that second question: Maybe." Everyone started freaking out when I said I wasn't sure about turning them back, and I flew onto the roof to avoid four angry animals. I managed to calm Infinity and Princess down, though. "Of course I can! I just wasn't sure you would want to." It was a lie, but I didn't want to have six angry animals after me.

I had eventually calmed everyone down. Incredible soon asked: "So, what's the plan? And.. What is your name?" I didn't actually have a name. Or a plan. How unprepared could I get? To cover it up, I made something up on the spot. "Just call me Phoenix. Anyway, that's one of the reasons I brought you here. You guys will probably make the best plan."

Chapter 2:

"Oh, guys!" I suddenly exclaimed, remembering something. "We might be working to stop this virus for multiple weeks, so we should probably get something for my den." We could have gone to someone else's den, but, random people, even if they were buddies, could walk in at any time. I had a locked den and no buddies besides the six players I chose. "Do you have any gems?" Miss asked. I shook my head, slightly embarrassed. "No problem!" She said cheerfully after a brief pause. "We can all earn some, right guys?" I looked at the others, who were nodding. "Okay.. Just stay away from Falling Phantoms and Sky High!"

We left my den and headed through Jamaa Township to the Sol Arcade. My team (I will say that the six I chose are the team.) pushed through the crowds, except for lucky Infinity, who could fly. I flew way overhead to avoid attention, before swiftly diving in when I reached it. Fortunately, the arcade was empty.

It didn't take too long to choose our games. Princess chose Jamaa Derby. Lucky chose Temple of Trivia. Infinity chose Spider Zapper. Incredible chose Fruit Slinger. Daredevil chose Eat 'Em Up. And finally, after a lot of hesitation, Miss chose Gem Breaker. As soon as she entered the game, I went back and chose Best Dressed. I was certain to win votes being a phoenix.

I was right. Most votes went to me, even if I dressed as cutely as possible in scary themes. After I had earned five thousand gems, I left the game and went to my den to wait for the others. It wasn't long before they all turned up. After combining all of our gems together, we had 20, 921 gems. That would last us well!

I bought some couches and pillows to create beds. I added a couple of tables and some mats. And, just for decorative purposes, I added a blue shag carpet I earned from an adventure and a night sky wallpaper. My team used the rest of the gems to buy food and a few other decorative items.

Looking up to the sky, I noticed that the sun was racing towards the horizon. I placed a torch in the centre of the starry wall and some garden chairs outside. "Who wants to see their first Jamaasian sunset!?" I called out to the team. "Me!" They all replied in excitement. They raced outside, trying to get the best seat. I shook my head in amusement and flew up to the warm roof to watch the rainbow sky fill with stars. Oh, this would be an unforgettable day.

More soon!

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