This is a story concerning the members of the Animal Jam Wiki. Basically, we all get swept from games - be it Terraria or Minecraft or AJ or Spore or Club Penguin or (god forbid) MLP - and must save the world in each of those games. Yay.

Be warned as this story contains mild language.

In Terraria

"Careful where you aim that thing! You're apt to take off some poor zombie's arm!" Gray yelped as Flaming wildly branished his new Spectre Staff, sending tortured souls floating in all directions. Gray ducked, jumped and sidestepped before whacking Flaming sharply on the head with the Nettle Burst in his hand. Flaming yelped, "But it's the best thing since potato knishes!" Gray asked, "C'mon, let's go back into the Dungeon. I'd like to get meself an Inferno Fork." Flaming answered, "Inferno Fork? Why the heck wouldja want an Inferno Fork when there's a Shadowbeam Staff to be had? Lul, nub." Gray replied sharply, "I dunno why! I just love flinging fireballs at those who annoy me. Like hounds that don't shut up."

The two adventurers jumped down the twisting tunnel into the Dungeon. Flaming was in the lead. Suddenly, he yelped "Agh! There's this portal thingseemslegit- AGGHHHHHH!" Gray, unable to stop his downward tumble, followed into a large purple whirlpool.

In the whirlpool, tortured souls floated in all directions. Gray winced as one flew up his nose. He fired his Nettle Burst straight downwards and attempted to take flight using his Spooky Wings - but to no avail. He then attempted to grapple out with the Ivy Whip - more no avail. Flaming, taking a cue from him, tried a gravitation potion, but only accomplished turning upside down and shaking a few stray copper coins out of his pocket. "My  MANIES!!!" Flaming screamed.

"If we ever survive this," Gray snarled, "You are going to get rid of that damn Spectre Staff and exchange it for something sensible!"

"My MANIES!!!" Flaming screamed again.

"It was THREE FREAKING COPPER COINS!" returned an exasperated Gray.

"But it was... it was... MANIES!!!"

Gray sighed. This was weird, but it seemed he wouldn't have good company either.

In Minecraft

Hurricane, Lilypop and Jeff flung the covers off their beds, rubbing their blocky hands together in anticipation. Today was the day! The day they would enter the Stronghold and beat the Ender Dragon!

They tilted their heads and stared up at the sky visible through the top of the ravine, checked their pockets for extra eyes of ender, and entered the dark and gloomy stronghold.

Jeff took his sword off his back, readying it. The blade glinted in the dim torchlight. Lilypop nervously cleared her throat and removed an axe from her belt. Hurricane's arrows were nocked and ready on his bow. All three were expecting trouble.

Surprisingly, very little came. A few zombies, a few skeletons. They found a couple of loot chests. Nothing much, really. But the real trouble came when they reached the End Portal room. Silverfish died before Hurricane's well-placed arrows, and the portal was lit. But when they jumped in-

They were swirling through blackness, nothing and everything around them.

"LAG SPIKE!!!" Lilypop screamed.

"Rogue Ender Dragon!" Jeff screamed, swinging his sword wildly and nearly taking off his comrades' heads.

"Weird portal thingy that was never implemented into Minecraft that's gonna swallow us up!" Hurricane screamed.

Don't Starve

A vortex opened up in the sky high above the world of Don't Starve. Two figures floated down softly. As they landed (one with a heavy THUMP) they looked at each other. One said "Woodie!" The other said "WX!" Then they both spoke together: "CHESS BIOME!"

Woodie readied himself, holding a Thulecite Club grimly. WX stood in back of him, swinging his Dark Sword and giving it scared looks.

Clockwork Bishops, Knights and Rooks closed in from all sides but one. Through that one came barreling an...

"ANCIENT GUARDIAN!" WX screamed, sprinting from side to side.

"Sorry!" Woodie yelped, before swinging his Club at the charging, rhinoceros-like beast. It bounced off its thick hide, but three shadowy tentacles rose up from the ground and grabbed the Guardian's legs just as it strained to strike WX-78. It strained and grunted, finally breaking free, and lifted WX-78 with its horn. The robot sailed up into the air and landed on its back with a thud. The Guardian wheeled around and struck Woodie hard with its horn. He flew aside into a Clockwork Knight.

The Guardian stood up straight. It had started to rain. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning streaked down and struck WX-78. He stood up from the ground instantly, a mad light in his eyes. His Dark Sword swung around and around in a blur, striking the Guardian and its minions. Soon it was nothing more than a pile of meat and a horn. "Glad that's over," Woodie moaned.