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CHAPTER ONE: Run Fly away!

Xernas flew, flew, flew away from the creeping Darkness behind him. "Y-Y-Y-Yveltal!!" "Why would you do this?!"  "THE NAME'S PHANTOM KING! Ph-an-to-m K-in-g." The three eggs fell. One egg hit the sea so hard it cracked. Yveltal saved the other two in time. The Bulbasaur lay there, in the Sea. A seal found it and kept it.

CHAPTER TWO: The Hatchlings

Yveltal, Unaware where he was going, Delivered the Hatchlings on a Soft Patch of Grass in Sarepia Forest. The phantom king shocked Xernas, so he fell to the ground. Yveltal then Grabbed Xernas and flew back to their cave in Kalos to Retreat. The hatchlings hatched into Charmander and Squirtle.  "I don't see Lumiose!" Charmander exclaimed.

CHAPTER THREE: Mega Venusaur

An arctic wolf caught the 2 partners and challenged the seal to a Battle. A DOUBLE BATTLE. The seal sent out Raichu and Venusaur (the Bulbasaur Evolved). "Bu-Bu-Bu-Bulbasaur!" Exclaimed Squirtle. Bulbasaur didn't recognize the two and decided to fight anyway. When squirtle used Water Pulse, all the trio did was laugh. Now, Charmander, Used Fire Blast, In which set Venusaur on Fire. Then, the Seal passed a Stone to the Venusaur. It was a Mega Venusaur! Then, the Mega Venusuar used Mirror Move. It used Water Pulse on Charmander! After that crisis, the team of Charmander, Squirtle, and the Arctic Wolf forfeit.

CHAPTER FOUR: Arceus comes for a Visit... NOT!

The Trio walked, When they saw a deer-like figure in the sky. Charmander and Squirtle used Fire Blast and Water Pulse on the figure. As it fell to the ground, The two knew they had made a Foolish mistake. It was ARCEUS!

To be continued.

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