This is a sad story about a girl named Leonie. Leonie has a best friend called Phoebe. One day, everything changes, a new kid moves into the neighbourhood and Phoebe betrays Leonie for the new kid.

The Story

It was a normal sunny day in Grande. The sky is blue, the sun is out, the kids were playing in the meadow but Leonie stayed inside happily. She was waiting for her best friend, Phoebe to come over. There was a knock on the door. "Mom, I will get it!" Leonie's big sister, Mimi called. "Can Leonie come outside to play please?" Phoebe asked. "Of course!" Leonie yelled happily.. "Wanna go to Appondale?" she asked. "Yeah!" Phoebe said. They jumped in the mud screaming and laughing and they got all muddy. "Lets go mess with your big sisters makeup!" Phoebe suggested. "Yeah! That will be so funny!" Leonie replied. They both went back to Leonie's house and sneaked in Mimi's room. They put all her makeup on themselves. "Get out of my hobbies you two!" Mimi snapped. The two bunnies laughed and laughed and laughed. "Lets go swimming!" Leonie suggested and runs and jumps in the pool. "Cool idea!" Phoebe squealed and jumped in the pool. After hours of playing and giggling and splashing, Phoebe had to go home. "Bye Phoebe! I hope you had fun!" Leonie shouted. "Yes! I did!" Phoebe said with her mom holding her hand. One day, everything changed from that fun day. There was a knock on the door. "That will be Phoebe!" Leonie smiled. She opened the door to see Phoebe with another girl. "Hi Leonie, say hello to Amelia, she is new to the neighbourhood!" Phoebe introduced. "Hi!" Leonie said. Amelia stood in shock. "Eww! Look at the nerd your playing with! Rather, go play with the nerd or be popular like me!" Amelia groaned. "Hmm, I wanna be popular, SHOO LEONIE! I dont need you anymore, I grew out of your baby games!" Phoebe yelled. "What!" Leonie shouted. Amelia pushed Leonie hard onto the floor. "DO WHAT SHE TOLD YOU TO NERD!!!" she yelled. Leonie ran in crying. She cried on her bed. "Whats wrong?" Mimi asked. Leonie sniffed and said "Phoebe hates me!". "She has a new friend who pushed me and they said I am a nerd!". "That was very mean of them!" Mimi said sternly. The next day, Leonie forgotton about the incident and went to Phoebe's house. Phoebe and Amelia were playing in Phoebe's bedroom. Phoebe walked to the door and opened it. "Hi Phoebe! Wanna go swimming?" Leonie asked. "Eww! No way, not with a nerd NOW GET OUT!" Phoebe screamed and slammed the door. Leonie sighed and she heard the girls having fun. The next day at school, she sat alone. "Amelia, this is the AWESOME popular kid school!" Phoebe introduced. "For populars only!" Amelia added. Amelia saw Leonie. "Eww!" she shrieked. "What?" Leonie asked. Phoebe slapped Leonie on the nose. Leonie fell off her seat in pain. "Get out nerd! This isn't your school anymore, its popular kid school only now go!" Phoebe growled. "What did I do to Amelia and Phoebe?" Leonie asked herself. "Because I look nerdy and wear glasses!" she frowned. She walked to her room and fell on the floor and began to cry. But little did she know, Phoebe and Amelia had a plan in mind, kill her. "So were in her garden now lets kill her!" Phoebe giggled. Luckily, Mimi caught Phoebe and yelled at her. "I know what you want to do Phoebe, leave!" Mimi said sternly. The two popular girls left the house. Now Leonie had no friends. Nobody jumped in the mud with her. Nobody would be playing with Mimi's makeup. Nobody would even swim with her. Leonie's heart was broken. "I know its upsetting losing your friend but people are just like that sometimes!" Mimi sighed and put her arm around her. "No sis, ITS BETRAYING!" Leonie yelled. "I have an idea to cheer you up, lets go to the carnival!" Mimi suggested. First, Leonie played phantom ball. But, Phoebe was there with Amelia. "Excuse me NERD MY TURN!" she yelled pushing Leonie over. Then Phoebe saw it was Leonie and slammed her to the wall. "ITS YOU! LEONIE I SHOULD OF KNOWN!" Phoebe snarled. 5 years later, Leonie grew up to be a fox. She was still upset about Phoebe. Phoebe and Amelia grew up too. Phoebe and Amelia went to the Wild Explorers Tent. But, Leonie was there. Leonie had to hide FAST! But Phoebe saw the ears under the table and peeked under. "Oh no! She found me!" Leonie whispered. Phoebe pulled out Leonie, punched her and ran off. "Yeah get out nerd!" Amelia said and rolled her eyes and went with Phoebe. Leonie went to a den which looked like Cosmos den. She lied down under the shade. She thought of all the memories with Phoebe when she was 8 years old. Then, thought of the memories of Phoebe and Amelia being mean to her. Then she sung a song which was this:

I want a friend

Just one friend

We used to be best buddies

But now we aren't

But I..

Just need someone


I wont give up

Until I find one

Her tears came from her eyes while she sung it. At Phoebe's house, Phoebe had a song to sing to Amelia which was this:

Thank you who!

For being my friend

Thank you who!

For being my BFF

I love Amelia

Better than nerd

In the awesome town

Also Amelia had a song to sing which was this:

And I love Phoebe just as much

But one thing to do.

She hugged Phoebe and Phoebe hugged back. "I HAVE THE BRAND NEW FRIEND IN TOWN YEAH!" they both yelled. Leonie was sitting outside Phoebe's house. Phoebe looked out of the window. "Theres the nerd!" she said. She walked to her. "WHY ARE YOU HERE LEONIE GET OUT NOW!" Phoebe screamed. Leonie began to cry. "WHY PHOEBE WE ARE BEST FRIENDS!" she yelled. "DONT SHOUT AT ME AND I AM NOT YOUR BEST FRIEND!" Phoebe yelled back. She took the black and red necklace of Leonie's neck. "GIVE IT BACK!" Leonie yelled. "NO!" Phoebe screamed. "OUR FRIENDSHIP IS OVER!" she yelled ripping Leonie's necklace that she gave her. Leonie cried so hard and she ran home. 3 years later, she became an arctic wolf. She went on Jitter and she now she was getting cyber bullied by Phoebe and Amelia. GET OFF JITTER COWPOO AND POOPHEAD are the messages they sent. Phoebe knocked on Leonie's door so hard it scared her. Leonie opened the door. Amelia pushed Leonie to the floor. "DIE LEONIE JUST DIE!" Amelia yelled. Leonie cried. "I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!" she yelled. She set up a video camera and recorded. "Hello guys, I have been getting bullied lately its not you guys, its these two girls, Phoebe Matthews and Amelia Grove. Due to their bullying me, I am going to die, kill myself, thats what they want so I am gonna do it, I will do exactly. Bye everyone!" she told the camera and stopped the recording. She posted it on Animaltube and went to Coral Canyons. She walked to the high bridge. "Goodbye, life!" she said and jumped off the bridge. She fell unconcious. Later that day, Phoebe checked Animaltube. She saw the video of Leonie. She gasped. "OH NO! What have I done! OH NO! I HATE YOU AMELIA!" she screamed. She stormed to Amelia's house and banged on her door. "Hey Phoebe, why are you so red in the face?" she asked. "YOU MADE MY BEST EVER FRIEND KILL HERSELF!" she screamed. "THANK YOU!" she smiled and hugged her. Phoebe pushed Amelia off her. "NO NOT THANK YOU! YOU MADE ME BULLY HER!" Phoebe screamed. Amelia slammed the door on her. Phoebe ran to Coral Canyons. She was about to cry. "Leonie, dont die!" Phoebe sniffed. Later, she was at the hospital. Phoebe held Leonie's paw. "Phoebe, I want to say my last words before I die," Leonie said. "Ok," she sniffled. "You were my best friend and you will always will be, Amelia just makes you bully me, you shouldn't have gone with her, goodbye," she said and she died. At her funeral, everyone said something about her. "Leonie, I will always remember you, you were my little angel, I will always be with you in my heart," Leonie's mom said and cried. "Leonie, you were a funny little sister, have a good new life away," Mimi said and cried. Then Phoebe came. "Leonie, I am most sorry for bullying you, I should have stayed with you, I will have you remembered at the top of my brain, I will REALLY SO SO MISS YOU!" Phoebe said and ran of crying. THE END

Guys, this story teaches you why you should never go with bullies. You could hurt somebodys feelings, just like Leonie's. Leonie has committed suicide. If you get bullied, tell a grown up, an adult that you trust, a teacher or your parents. Thank you all for taking your time to read this story. From CJ

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