Ok, so this is an AJ Wiki Adventures Story Forum, based off this: User blog:Elise the white swan/My story

Everyone can make their POV, but if you want to edit someone else's chapter/POV, you need permission.

Let's get started.


~~Elise's POV~~

I lifted the hoodie over my head as I walked in the old building we used for meetings since the shack had mysteriously disappeared. I walked down the halls to the basement. It is actually the basement we use for the meet. There are several doors in the building that lead here. Every user uses a door to get there so we don't draw much attention.

While walking down the hall I heard footsteps behind me. I tuned around and I saw a dark figure just hiding behind the nearby corner.

"Maybe another user going to the basement." I thought and continued.

I opened the door and quickly went in. The basement was nearly full, The b-crats, admins and mods standing in the center. I was the last one to arrive, as usual. If that figure wasn't an user, then what was it?

I hoped I would find out soon.

Chapter 1: The Museum

~~Chupacabra's POV~~

I walked down the hill. It was still snowing, as usual. Me being where I was, you would know everyone since it was a small town. I was used to it being silent around town around the middle of the night, but I heard a strange sound? It was from the Museum! I ran over to see what had happened. "

Hello, anybody here!" I yelled. I didn't hear anyone so I went in. Now, our Museum had wax figures of many people and taxidermy of many animals. When i walked in, they were gone. I wondered what happened when suddenly! I was knocked out.

Chapter 2: The Theater

~~Koshes POV~~

I walked into the calm, placid theater wondering what was playing. When I saw that the only option that was digital was never say never, I immediately noted that I still had the film canisters of the premier of fritz langs metropolis and that this theater also had a film option. I immediately began watching the film as soon as it began moving on the projector. I knew I was gonna have to switch the reels thirteen times before I finished the film, but I began watching it anyways. During the dance scene I sensed that something was very wrong with the others. I did a telepathic scan with Elise and saw that she was in a meeting with the other major users. I chatted with her telepathically and learned that there was something wrong in the theater itself. I immediately grabbed all the film reels of metropolis premier version and left. 5 minutes later I got in my ford f250 and left. I noticed that there was a Yugo following me. I read the drivers mind and saw that he wanted to kill all of the titanium's and had frosty knocked out in his Yugo. I then made him park in a ditch and did a move I only use against those who try to kill the titanium's. I ripped his brain in two mentally. I then put frosty in the back of the pickup, took the gasoline out of the Yugo, put it in my pickup and destroyed the Yugo. that was a poor choice of vehicle. I then sped up to the wiki basement, knowing what to say and how they would respond. I then parked in the parking lot of the building and smelled smoke. 

Chapter 3: The Fire

~~Elise's POV~~

At the end of the wiki meeting I walked out of the basement, when I saw the whole building was on fire!

"Fire!"I cried out and ran to the front door. And then I saw the dark figure. The same one that was following me when I came. He was the one who had started the fire. I took out a small dagger from my jacket and ran to the man. I stabbed him in the arm and punched him. He was one of them. The people who wanted to kill the titanium's. He jumped back to his feet and threw his fist to my face. I quickly dodged it, and shape-shifted into a wolf. Growling at the man, I bit his leg. He kicked me hard and I fell backwards, turning back to a human, my dagger was thrown away from me. We started a fist fight. He threw some fists, but I quickly dodged and kicked him in the stomach. he tripped back and punched me hard in the face. Blood poured from my mouth, I tried to keep myself up, but I couldn't. I tried to kick him, but he was faster. One fist to my face and everything was black.

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