The night was silent and dreary, but that didn't keep me from being as terrified as ever. My legs swept underneath me in a whirl of water, and more waves crashed over me. I never had a fear of drowning, but now, I was certain I would be killed in a whoosh of water, never to be seen again. I curled up my legs, breathed as deeply as possible, and closed my eyes. I floated on my back like a deformed otter but at least I was alive. I ran the last few days back through my head. The letters, the messages, and of course, the tsunami heading right for my house in California. I bobbed up to get a breath of air and saw the first building I had seen in hours. My skin burnt and cracked, until it peeled back to reveal glimmering green-purple patches. What?

"It appears the four have arrived. Welcome, trainees, to camp." A shadowy man in front of me calls. "First, it appears we have Ky, our vampire. Almost fully turned. Welcome". Ky had medium choppy brown hair and amber eyes. "Then, we have Kiara, our shapeshifter, half-turned." Kiara had dark brown hair and blue eyes. "And then, let's see... Jaclyn the fairy. Fully turned." Jaclyn had pink hair, brown eyes, and green wings. "And finally, Lavender, our mermaid. Almost fully turned, I see." I look down at my legs which are covered in scales up to my upper thighs, and my hair that is slowly turning sky blue. "Welcome, all, to supernatural camp. You are here to, well, save the world."


Almost a week has passed and I am already adjusting to my new body. I have to avoid water touching me for the most part, but other than that, its great. Ky's hair has taken on a pale green shade and his skin is much paler. Kiara has reddish hair now, but can change it at will. Jaclyn was already turned, but ahess changed a bit too, just like us. In one short month we will be assembling our quest crew and going halfway across the world to Australia and finding the first piece of the puzzle. I've got no idea what it is, but this sure is much more exciting than my old life. Only 15 and accomplished more than some people did in a lifetime. Now that's amazing.

I Run and jump acrossthe hurdle and clear it immediately. Ky follows straight behind, and then Kiara. Jaclyn had her own special course for flying. I scale the rope wall and flip off, then swing across the mod river. I am much further ahead now. I crawl through the cave and finish in first for the first time. I throw my hands in the air and and run across to the trainer. "Impressive, trainee. Looks like you're good in agility. Time for the next activity. Climb up there, time for the zipline."


Sorry about any typos, I typed this on an awful iPad, so sorry.

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