Project Zodiac Notes:

This is a two authour story. The first writer is sealz888 ans happywolfpuppy? Lone, imstillalive please don't be concerned if their is any massive changes, also you may edit spelling/Grammar mistakes :) and you can't enter a character

- sealz888


   {sealz888} As I entered the court full of robotic innocence but it is unfortunate that 'they' don't think so, so I sat down, cameras flashing. "Your action has been judged. Murder for your creator. Your witness of this murder, Project Genocide. Project enternity, You have been sentenced to Server Zodiac."Poseidon yelled while banging his hammer on the desk dragged by guards camera flashing.. Genocide smirked reaching a clear portal with odd symbols.

{happywolfpuppy} (permission for sealz to edit my part if unliked)

 I gasped, the portal's symbols flashing independantly,  Project Genocide began to chuckle as a hard bump pushed me forward, towards the gaping open portal.  For a moment, I felt as if my artiheart (artificial heart) was about to pound out of my chest, when they pushed me in.  I screeched as random blue numbers and letters flew past me, some spelling out words and others spelling gibberish.  I could still hear the cammeras flashing behind me as I whirled through the gray void.  Finally, a green portal opened up before me, sucking me in.

 I woke up on a gritty sand beach.  Mainly minor damage had been done to my body.  The most signifigant change was that the fabric covering had been torn away in some places, revealing the wires and cogs underneath.

Chapter three

i saw a goat ram like thing?

"Names aries" it said

i heard it before

"Defining- Aries strengths are courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate

Aries weaknesses are impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive, aggressive

Things that aries likes are Comfortable clothes, taking on leadership roles, physical challenges, individual sports

Things that Aries dislikes are Inactivity, delays, work that does not use one's talents

aries day is tuseday, and its favourite colour is red

and aries ruler is mars" A voice in my head and for some reason it down loaded all of the information of the zodiacs! I tried to use my gps but "Acess deninied" came up then i i fainted.

Chapter 4

I once again woke up, except instead of on sand, I was in a hammock. Spinning my head around, I saw another creature. "Sup." I searched my database to see if there was anything about the creature in front of me. My eyes identified it as a deformed horse, with a large snout and horns. He looked like a bull, but the mane and tail were horse parts.

"My name's Taurus. Aries found you on the beach and brought you to the nearest person around - me. He's getting the others."

My chip reeled with all the information being downloaded. Taurus-persistent, stubborn, loyal, generous...

....Weaknesses are being stubborn, lazy, possessive, and self-indulging.

They were the ones who could be independent or part of a group, but definitely not the leader. They didn't like going out exploring the unknown, but carefully building on what they know. They are also very sensitive.

Taurus was about to say something when my system crashed, cramped with all the information that it had just absorbed. I sighed, tired of jumping around.

Chapter 5

two bunnies, hopped gently on the rocks towards me, one then hugged one and then the other one hugged it back, "hey Taurus- WOAH WHAT ARE YOU?! TAURUS WHAT IS THAT!" They both yelped while looks at me, it went silent only the ticking from my cheek was the only sound and the waves crashing on shore.

"anyways, thing? our names are both Gemini" The two bunnies said at the same time,

"Gemini, their colours are green and yellow, his or her strengths are being gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, (s)he can learn things quickly and exchange ideas" the voice said,

"This is a robot Gemini, its name is name is 'project enternity" Taurus explained while some other beings came,

A crab, a lion, a artic wolf with an old outfit, with a bonnet and a snow leopard with a set of scales...

"battery low" i said, i'll be back in an hour. I went in a sunny spot and took out my solar panel, and closed my eyes.

Chapter 6

I didn't get to charge for long. Gemini and Gemini began peppering me with questions.

"Project Eternity, where are you from?" One asked.

"Does he bite?" The other asked Taurus. There were so many odd creatures around me, I almost had a sensory overload. Taurus managed to speak over the waterfall of questions.

"Where are you from, and why are you here?" Taurus paused, before adding "Do you come in peace?" I blinked, a quick reset to my vison. It took for a moment to process everything.

"I-I came from ano-other ser-ver. They ban-ana-nished me for murderi-ing my creator-r." My voicebox cracked, slightly malfunctioning. Before I could add that I couldn't remember what really happened, a seal with a scorpion tail interjected.

"I'm Scorpio," they began slowly and cautiously. "You said you murdered your creator?"

"I... I'm not sure. My memory banks were erased of all accounts of what rea-really happened," I timidly answered. The hostility level was fair, with a slight bit of rise.

"Do you think you murdered your creator?" They pressed.

My engines began spinning extra fast. "Creator was a great person! I would never murder them!!" Scorpio observed me, then with a satisfactory expression, nodded and drew back.

A strangely fish-like penguin waddled forwards. "Enough of this. You have not fully charged yet, and we welcome weary travelers. We leave it at that."

They all receded, leaving me to charge. I felt my chip tremble, but I once again started charging.

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