Pun Friend

So It Begins

There were two best friends, Steve and Joey. Awhile ago, they got addicted to an online game by National Geographic, Animal Jam. They thought Animal Jam would be lame because it was made to be "educational". But, it turned out more like a game worth playing than ABCmouse.

Today was Joey's birthday. There was a party at his house. His grandmother had gotten him a book of puns and jokes. Steve knew this would result in trouble.

"Joey's Grandma, why did you give him a pun book? You know he can't contain himself with puns and jokes!" Steve screamed, panicked.

Joey's Grandma adjusted her stereotypical grandmother glasses.

"It was on his wish list. I had to. It was to make him happy. I was kind of sad he didn't want socks this year. Or last year. Or the year before that."

She continued this pattern until Steve cut her off.

"All you are doing is making him go squirrelly and become a total nutjob!"

"PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSS!" Joey said as he slid into the background.

Then, with his book in hand, Joey opened his laptop.

'Oh no! I hope he's not doing what I think he's doing...' Steve thought, the sting of his sweat pinching his cheek like Joey's Grandma.

Joey logged into Animal Jam. "I'm going to share my puns with Jamaa!"

"You're unbearable, Joey..."

Joey simply laughed. "It's funny because my animal is the panda bear!"

Steve facepalmed and sighed.

Puns Are Not a Victimless Crime

Scene: The Horses Only Party, Steve (Expert Hikingbug) meets up with Joey (Awesome Fierymajor) at the party.

Enter Expert Hikingbug, a white horse with a brown mane and dark gray stripes. He wears a Wind Amulet, a black Worn Blanket, and dark gray Elf Bracelets. A pretty clean and neat appearance...

Expert encounters his friend, Joey. It is an odd sight to see him at this party. He didn't own the horse animal. Until today...

It seems that Joey had purchased the equine and was now at the party. Joey had named it Awesome Fierymajor.

Compared to Expert's well organized appearance, Awesome's was garbage. He had a black mane and a red coat. He had a bunch of purple lightning bolts as his pattern. The items that currently adorn his stallion body seem to be simply slapped on without a second of thought.

Steve nearly threw up in his mouth. He couldn't take this. It was nowhere near neat. The colors clashed. He had a slight OCD like feeling when it came to matching colors. If he could be at Joey's computer, he would fix the look ASAP.

Awesome: hi buddy

Expert: You know you can use capital letters right?

Awesome: i know

Expert: What's wrong, you always capitalize!

Awesome: sorry about that i have a problem with my voice

Expert: Your voice?

Awesome: yeah i have a slight sore throat

Expert: A sore throat?

Awesome: you could say im a bit

Expert: No...

Joey opens his inventory and puts on a pair of Rare Sunglasses.

Awesome: HOARSE!!!!

As Awesome begins to dance, sounds erupt through the crowd and MLG Airhorns squeak.

The curtain closes on the play act. It is time for the intermission. Patrons are allowed to get up from their seats to stretch, get desserts and other refreshments, and/or use the bathroom.

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