If you've seen Shystar's blogpost on Punotropia, you'll know what it is. If you don't, it's - how do I put this - a city with allies as all the components of silly people of this wiki in the form of towns or cities, with one current enemy. There is also some towns, however, which do not fit into this kind of town category, which includes Icytopia and Minion Beach. Anyways, I hope you enjoy, and thank you Shystar for inspiring this!

It was a normal - no, crazy morning in the land of Punotropia, and people were sleepily getting out of bed. However, there was one outcry in the silent valley - the scream of Kawaii, who, as usual, was flying all over the place in her house in Derpington. Her scream was so loud that it managed to wake up the entire land, and Tech, who was a usually good sleeper, jolted awake in a surprised reaction from the noise in Internetius. It was the same for everyone else in her town, and it was the same for people in St. Jokester, Sarcasmville, Rare Pepeton, and Icytopia. Kawaii then began awkwardly flying to Internetius, which wasn't surprising since derps in Derpington had the ability to fly even without wings - but it doesn't mean they fly well. Kawaii crashed in through Tech's bedroom wall, scaring the living daylights out of Techy. "Oh god!" she screeched, scrambling for her flaming frying pan. Kawaii brushed herself off and stood up, making the usual derp expression on her face before it returned to normal. "Sup, Tech?" she calmly replied. Calming down, Tech still was panicking a little, unsheathing her claws before she realized who it was. "B-but Kawaii!" she panted. "You nearly scared the living light out of me there!"

In the mountains, there laid Logicville a.k.a. Logicston. Dazed&Confused10, better known as Dazed, groggily got up and scanned the lower valley from the safety of her window. Instead of having a small humble mayor's house like in the lower valley, she had a Big - with a capital B - castle, overlooking the valley. This wasn't a problem for the folks in the lower valley, as they were fortunate enough that the shadows didn't really cast a shadow on them during the daylight periods. What really was the problem was the rain. Rain was everywhere here, and people in this land would consider the day 'lucky' if it was even sunny outside. Dazed's sister, Bright&Clear10 (often called Miss Bright), smirked as she prepared to let it rain on the lower valley. Dazed had enough of being misunderstood for long enough - it was her sister who was causing all this chaos, yet many blamed her for various things. She was tired of being pushed under as the evil girl, and she was going to finally prove this to the other people down in the valley. Teasing Dazed, Miss Bright tauntingly said to her, "So, Sis, going to grab some rare Pepes from Rare Pepeton?" Miss Bright then snorted, but Dazed was not pleased. Annoyed, she replied, "No, sis." She calmly walked out of her and her sister's bedroom, afterwards speeding down the hallway and flew down the staircase. Screeching to a halt just in front of the castle's front door and prepared to leave, a servant suddenly interrupted her and asked, "Good morning, Master Dazed. Care for some morning crepè?" Dazed just politely shook her head, then went out the front door.

In Icytopia, Miss Icyfox (often called Icy) had already gotten dressed in her royal attire, prepared for a fresh start. Life was more better for her in this place now, as she had gotten well away from her fiery counterpart and once more had a kingdom to look after. However, there was still this lingering sadness in her, for she dearly missed her first spouse and her first son. There's no use crying, she thought. After all, this place was used to the cold and was cold itself to preserve the ice, so her tears would just turn into ice if she cried. There was also the lingering feeling that something or someone would crash into her room at some point, but she shrugged it off. Knowing Kawaii, Icy knew that little rambunctious puppy could just about get away with any ridiculous action a Derp could whirl up - which was pretty much infinite. You never knew what was going on inside a Derp's mind, nor you knew the limit to what they could do. Suddenly (and ironically, as this had already happened to Tech but differently), Kawaii crashed through the icy walls along with Tech, the two each riding their own flying steed; Kawaii on a Nyan Cat while Tech was on a Doge. Icy leaped in surprise, pushing the flying steeds out before they could do any more unexpected damage (Memes were almost the same as Derps, except you knew the personality of the meme just by looking at it) and repairing the wall using magic, then grabbed her ice scythe and approached her two friends who were laying face flat on the floor, taking a moment to recognize them. Kawaii bounced up as soon as eye contact was made with her body, making that familiar derp face before it returned to normal. Techy, on the other paw, was motionless for a few seconds before she finally stood up. It was awkward silence for a few seconds, but then Kawaii brought something up. "Wanna go to Rare Pepeton?"

Dazed was panting. Although she could've used the gondola to get down or - heck, even her pet flying ostrich - she refused to use easier forms of transportation because she didn't want to cast a form of power upon the people in the valley she would encounter. Glancing at the towering castle of Icytopia, the only thing Dazed could hear was her own breath - or wait, was there someone or something yelling "BANANA!" in the distance? She did not know what exactly was going on right now, but what she did know she was just about to enter Minion Beach, which probably would account for the screams of "BANANA!" every now and then. She even could see a banana tree up ahead, which would mark the entrance to Minion Beach and the point where people dared not venture further. Dazed took a sip from her canteen, then continued onwards. Before she knew it, she slipped on a banana peel that someone had carelessly thrown away. Careening towards Minion Beach, she watched as the trunk of the banana tree passed before her eyes, then she started feeling... weird. Blinking, she realized her two eyes had fused together, and Dazed wasn't used to this. Screaming, all she got was a mouthful of sand, for she had landed face-first into the sand. Confused, she lifted her head up to see a minion - a minion, of all things - standing over her. For a moment, Dazed suddenly felt relaxed, as if this little creature was somehow was trying to calm her. But there was no time to lose - she suddenly dashed away, leaving a cloud of sand in the little minion's face. That minion - that minion was MinionsAJ, the ruler of Minion Beach who loved normal minion things as much as its other minions, and preferred playing with the commoners as if they were friends.

Down at Rare Pepeton, Iluvmy2cats was busy sorting out all the rare Pepes in her Pepe farm, putting the little Pepes that were for breeding in one building and the ones that weren't needed or wanted for breeding in another. She suddenly felt that she was somehow being watched and that something awkward would happen sometime soon, but she shugged it off and continued picking up one little Pepe frog after the other into different buildings. The feeling she had began to slowly grow, but each time she felt she needed to get inside her house was simply shrugged off. Pepe after Pepe, frog after frog, she continued sorting each Pepe, even the ones which were too high to do anything properly. A sound suddenly whirred into hearing range, yet Iluv didn't even know what it was. She now knew, however, that she needed to get the heck out of her farm as soon as possible and herd the Pepes into the safe house. Quickly grabbing her whistle, she blew into the whistle as hard as possible, and all the Pepes came hopping. The only ones which DIDN'T come were the ones which were high, but that didn't matter for now. Racing towards the safehouse, she continued blowing the whistle as hard as she could, a herd of Pepes hopping in her wake. The Pepes dashed into the safehouse, and now that was covered, Iluv could get inside. Dashing towards her house, it wasn't long before an icy fog arose, causing her to shiver slightly. This was definetely a surprise! Somewhat scared, she dashed around confused, trying to gather her sense together. Only then the icy fog cleared, and Iluv could see what had just crashed into her farm - Icy, Tech and Kawaii had crashed in on an icy rocket, which soon melted. Kawaii immediately jumped up, making that oh-so-familiar face before her expression returned back to normal. Icy and Tech, on the other paw, got up slowly, dusting themselves off. Kawaii immediately started drooling, and it wasn't hard telling what she was thinking about. "TO CREAMEXIA WE SHALL GO!!!"

Dazed had already dashed out of Minion Beach and unexpectedly wound up in Sarcasmvile, but the good thing for her was that she had two eyes again. The bad thing was that she knew she had started to wind up in the areas where she was seen as 'evil,' but in fact her sister had disguised as her to recieve her reputation as evil. It wasn't hard for her sister to disguise as her, either, because with a simple fur dye her sister looked pretty much like her. She was absolutely sick of this, pulling out her umbrella. It had actually started to rain by this point, and Dazed could feel the rain drop down onto her body. Walking further into the town, all she expected was for someone to grab her and throw her into some dingy dungeon, or something worse. Walking into the town square, she heard nobody step outside, which wasn't surprising either as none of the residents here wanted to get wet. All Dazed wanted to do was to locate Punotropia and find Shystar so she could apologize to her, and she didn't care how long it would take. Padding over to Italic's mayor house, she gently knocked on the door, knowing that chances were slim if she was even allowed in. After what seemed like eons, Italic came to the window, for he hadn't seen her through the top window. Peeking at Dazed, Italic covered his mouth as in shock, then hurried upstairs. She sighed - she knew this was so likely to happen, thus it happened. She thought, Maybe I should've gotten something from Minion Beach... Popping back to reality, Dazed immediately dashed in the direction of Creamexia, hungry to the core, eager to have a bite of something.

Kawaii, Techy, Iluv, and Icy were riding on a flying Pepe, which was a rather uncommon sight, even in Rare Pepeton. Kawaii was about as happy as a dog sticking its head out a window on a windy day, too! But even now, they weren't too close to Creamexia, so they could easily die if they accidently fell off. Tech, having hailed from Internetius, would've rather rode a Doge, seeing as they can fly as easily as a Nyan Cat. However, Tech didn't have her Doge whistle with her, so she had to stick with the flying Pepe. She didn't have time to get it at the start of this crazy journey, and her tummy was already rumbling. Suddenly, the ice cream hills of Creamexia rolled into view, and everyone started cheering. They all knew that the ice cream was about as soft as a sheet of silk! But then there was... the ice glaciers. You never knew where those things resided beneath the luxurious ice cream plains, so you couldn't risk your life just simply skydiving in without a parachute. They glided in for a landing, but before long, they heard the unwelcoming sound of gunshots. Hunters. Iluv steered the flying Pepe wildly to avoid the bullets in an attempt to save the rare creature.

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