Snowflake Canyonstar hummed to herself as she skipped (with four paws) down Gingerbread Lane. A flurry of powdered sugar-snow suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Except, this snow wasn't sweet or sticky. It was... freezing. Shivering with displeasure, Snowflake turned to see at least 10 famous Jammers looming above her.

Everything was still for a second. Then a large, black Arctic Wolf struck her paw directly at Snowflake. It missed by an inch. A gleaming spike had fallen off her wristband and was lying next to a now-black candy cane, threatening to injure Snowflake.

She yelped in terror and dashed inside, narrowly missing a terrifying swipe from a elf bracelet-clad paw as she slammed the door shut. A sigh of relief escaped from her jaws just as the monsters outside destroyed the house. The gleaming paw of a Wolf was the last thing she saw before she blacked out.

"Snowflake? Are you okay?" The comforting voice of Magical Arcticfox echoed over her face. Snowflake opened her eyes to find her fox friend looking at her and nibbling a cookie. It was a dream, Snowflake thought happily. She removed the bedspreads and sat up.

"I'm fine. I just had another bad dream." Snowflake hopped out of bed and started toward the breakfast table. Magical watched her uneasily as she twisted her tail between her hind legs. Snowflake knew Magical had at least some idea of what her dream had been like last night. She had been haunted by it for weeks, after all. Maybe it was some sort of omen...

She shook the ominous thought out of her head and nibbled her oatmeal cookie nervously as she thought about why the dream was happening. That wolf had reminded her of Julian2. And she could have sworn that the last wolf she saw was Kosho.

More later o,o

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