THIS IS A FAKE STORY
                     I was really rare once,
                     Once, before I gave my items away,
                     I feel bad now,
                     Because I want them back,
                     Tried all these years,
                     Never noticed,
                     I did generators,
                     Got hacked,
                     Now they will know how it feels.

  • I was the famous one and only major majormajor.
  • I had a blue pelt with green swirls.
  • I kept the inside pelt white.
  • I wore a black long and tan HD.
  • I was really rare. I wanted to quit but everyone didn't care.
  • They only wanted my items, well I gave it to one of my buddies.
  • They were really happy.

  • I came back after 2 years and noticed how poor I was.
  • I knew I was going to be the poor girly girl arctic wolves.
  • I wanted all my items back!
  • But my buddy unbuddied me.
  • I got Really mad.
  • I called revenge.
  • Well I had nothing.

  • I did this item generator.
  • It never worked and I got hacked.
  • Worst time ever!
  • I started "glitching" into the game.
  • My name was now Aj robot.
  • I never traded again either.
  • I became a hacker!
  • I worked for a ajhq member so I could help them get items.
  • I didn't want to!

  • Whenever I was off and I got back on,
  • There was this banner that said I need rares!
  • I found myself in a den hacking people.
  • I found out that my animal got hacked.
  • Someone changed my user,
  • Took my stuff,
  • And controlled my animal.
  • FMAN122!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this!!

   Better protect your animal,

because here I come!!

-Aj robot

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