A small white bunny scampered across a smooth gray floor, nearly sliding into a slow, glitchy sloth.

"...have to save it... gotta help it..."

/Oops, mom really wants me to take a shower for some reason, so bye\

/Welp, that was one long shower, but here's more!!\

"Oww, watch where you're going!!" The sloth scowled.  "We're working with important fragile stuff here."

"I know," the bunny growled, rolling her eyes.  "You don't have to tell me all the time.  Anyway, I came here to tell you that we have to release K.  It is in critical condition, so we don't want to be caught with it dead-handed."

The sloth frowned, using his arm to pull a lever.  "It doesn't seem to be dying," the sloth obvserved through the glass window that had magically appeared on the metal wall.  "Though it does seem to be unhappy.  It would be a shame to abandon it.  Let's keep i-" The bunny shoved aside the sloth's long arm, kicking a leg on a button.

​Chapter 1

The room filled with  red light, an alarm sounding.

"WHY did you do THAT?  You... you..." The sloth sputtered as the hyper bunny bounced off the walls, shooting off into the elevator, pulling a pig along with it.  The sloth reached out an arm, hoping to grab onto something to propel himself forward to join the bunny, but before he could reach a grappling hook, the elevator descended.

The bunny chuckled, high-fiving the pig.

"Ha!!  Great job!!" The pig huffed.  The elevator stopped to allow more passengers on.  "We have to move quickly though.  I suggest we just smal the elevator door in their faces."  And they did exactly that.  After a few more seconds of blaring alarms and flashing lights, they made it, dashing out of the building.

1 retpah​C

The pair quickly bumbled away.

"'Wonder if dat K made it out."  The pig glanced back at the gray building.

"The sloth definitely didn't."

They continued to hobble along in silence until they heard some creaking behind them.  Both glanced back, spying a long shadow snaking up behind him.  Before any of them could react, the shape reared up.

/Up, I need to go to class.  WIP\

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