Rare Rainbow Butterfly Clips

You would know the story if you were a worker of AJHQ at the time. But this happened a long time ago, in September 2010.

You know Rare Item Monday? Rare Item Monday was actually invented earlier on, but it wasn't released until years later. Odd.. But for the first item of Rare Item Monday, they wanted a pretty item that heaps of Jammers would enjoy. So they began developing it.

One of the designers, Michael Winson, created an item. It was interesting. It was a rare rainbow butterfly clip. Like you were expecting, it was a normal clip in the shape of a butterfly that was rainbow. They coded it so it could go on your animal's fur anywhere you wanted it.

On the fateful day of the item's release, there was a problem. Nobody knows the source of the problem, but the staff claims it to be a bot, a computer. Anyway, once the release button was hit, the item glitched. It was sold in stores, but 10 seconds after it was released, pixels flooded the screen and then they faded away. They were a normal store bought items now.

But that's not it. There was a curse left behind on the Rare Rainbow Butterfly Clips, that is coded into the item forever. Once the player bought the item, it appeared on their animal, as usual, but the player got the option to choose where the clip would go. Once you clicked done, the clip and your animal's fur flashed a rainbow of colours. It sparkled, shimmered, twinkled, glimmered. It did that every 10 minutes, making it a very special and cherished item.

But the next day when the player logged on, the design of the butterfly clip would change, just slightly. It was slightly more paler then the previous day, and it sparkled less often, and when it did, the colours were slightly more dull and less enjoyable. This thing increased more everyday, until one day, after one week of playing, the butterfly clip would have completely changed. It would be pure black. It sparkled every hour, the 'sparkles' just being dull grey light.

The more days that were played, the Jammer was soon unable to take off the item. If they tried, a sign will pop up saying: "#Error : 237483838 /not/coded/" Many Jammers took screenshots of this, and posted on blogs, and on YouTube videos. But Animal Jam wasn't very popular then, so word didn't get around. And poor new players would buy the butterfly clip and not suspect a single thing.

Anyway, once the Jammer has played enough, a little (more like major) 'glitch' takes place. Oh, it was FAR more then just a glitch.

I'll tell you the story of a young Jammer girl, who had bought the butterfly clip and had been playing for too long. I found this clip when looking through the files of Animal Jam, and I shall explain what happened in words. The jammer featured in the video was Quiet Rainybelle. She was a completely black wolf. The butterfly clip was on her wolf's back, the black version that wouldn't come off. 5 seconds later, the butterfly clip started flashing slowly. Like it was lagging. Dull grey light barely shone from the clip. Pixels started to appear. Suddenly, a speech bubble popped up, from Quiet Rainybelle: "Why is my wolf completely black?! How did that happen?!" But the butterfly clip started digging into her fur, and blood seeping from a cut. The end of the clip turned into super sharp razors, and started tearing Quiet Rainybelle's fur apart. Her wolf was howling, screaming and yelping as blood spattered all over the screen. The screen faded to black and it showed a photo of Quiet Rainybelle. Her wolf completely black. Dead. Crushed and ruined. She had empty eye sockets and had large holes in her body that showed her insides. A short static was heard before the video closed.

Animal Jam removed the item shortly after, but as it was deleted, it glitched. Like it did when it was released. But then it was removed from the game, forever.

But what happened to Michael Winson, the creator of the accursed clip? He died. Killed by the rare rainbow butterfly clip. Ha, can you believe this? Killed by a cute clip in the shape of a butterfly. Impossible. Until now.. Right?

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