That was written by a wolf about a decade ago.

That was before the Great War of Jamaa.

You see, the two methods described in the excert attracted different animals. Soon enough, the few Jammers who cared naught for rares found the land divided. To the east, treachery, stealing, and constant fights; to the west, kindness, helping, and friendship. East and West Jamaa seemed like a perfectly fine setup to the Jammers. Everyjammer was content with their ways for a few precious years of peace.

One day, some of the East Jammers began invading West territory, laying seige on innocent animals and stripping them of whatever rares they had. East Jamaa's leader, a snow leopard named Wretched Daringbrave, had no intent to stop her Jammers. In fact, on a few she joined in herself, merely for amusement. 

Captian Coolclaws, a large arctic wolf who held the position of West Jamaa's leader, defended these the best he could, but the attacks only grew. Within a month, East Jamaa had declared a full-out war on West Jamaa.

There were hundreds upon hundreds of casualties from both sides alike. If New Jammers arrived, they were immediately either cast out or killed. Animal Jam was no longer recognizable. This went on for five horrible years.

On one fateful day, Captain and Wretched, leaders from both sides, fought each other. Nobody knows what happened - but in the end, both wound up dead. The boulder which they battled on was stained in blood and had what appeared to be a burn on it; this brought theories that Mira herself killed them.

The war ended on that day. With their nations fallen, Jammers everywhere fled, finding new lands eventually. 

Only a few frightened individuals remained, mainly the outcasts. Over decades, Jamaa built itself back up, steadily reaching new heights as it continues to today.

AJ developers conceals the war from every jammer, yet they make the biggest mistake of all - continuing to produce rares. They now come even more often - at least once weekly, plus Beta and outdated rares. They circulate through Jamaa, causing joy and despair amongst the Jammers who recieve and lose them. Both methods still happen, though safety features prevent the second method from getting out of hand. Still, with these security installments weakening as we speak, it could easily rise to its former level. That leaves one question to be answered.

Would you like some rares?

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