I decided to go on Animal Jam, my animal logged on and did the daily spin as usual. The Jam-A-Gram button had blue highlights: I got a jam a gram! It was from my friend who went on vacation a week ago, Rain65.

It read: "Hey puppy! Im back!"

I was so happy, so I followed to her den. "Hey puppy! I.. have something to ask you.. we have known each other since November of 2013! So why don't we have a trust party with you and me! Best trust wins your dream item, a tiki mask!".

I trusted her, I wouldn't trust anyone else! She was my bffl! So I trusted her 4 items, headress, rare spike a beta wall, and a long wrist. The trade was very long. I closed my eyes.. then I heard a trade accept sound. All she said was "HAHAHAHAH I WAS NEVER YOUR FRIEND. AND NEVER WILL BE!".

She unbuddied me, and locked her den. I burst into tears, I was scammed... and lost my bffl. I cried and cried.. I sent her many jags and finally she answered with : No. Never! I cried even more.. I have lost a friend, and my items.

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