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Welcome to the very first issue of Reader's View! Moonbear here, and I'd like to tell you a little bit more about each issue. I decided to make this to make this Wiki a little more colorful. I mean, what's better than reading a new magazine each week? If you are new to this wiki, then hello! This is my favorite wiki community, and I hope it's yours too.

                          Top Stories of The Week

As you may know, everyone here is a very talented writer. But a few particularly caught my attention, and received good review comments. Here are the Top 3 of this week, and each will receive a percent of Rotten Pencils. 

3- House of Clouds- Wolf86585 (85% Rotten Pencils)

2- The Story of Mightytinyfoot- Lily (89% Rotten Pencils)

1- Rose's Story -Shystar (98% Rotten Pencils)

                                       Story Reviews      

​Rose's Story was interesting, deserving a good amount of Rotten Pencils. The sentences ran together smoothly, and the transitions and grammar were excellent.

The story of Mightytinyfoot was quite charming, very eye-catching. It contained some errors in grammar, but otherwise the storyline was amazing.

The House of Clouds was very descriptive, it was easy to understand what was going on, though the storyline was not the clearest. I believe it deserved a fair amount of Rotten Pencils.

                                    Upcoming Events

The SWC RESULTS came in, with some very tough competition. The winners have received their prizes. Haven't won? Don't worry, because soon the Autumn Poetry Contest is coming up soon! An exact date has not been made yet, but I see some good poets out there! The Story Guardians will take a long time to finish, as it is a continuous trilogy. Please understand that I am hard at work on it. School is coming soon, so many of the wikians will not be on as often, including I. Have a great start at school!

                               Join the News Crew!

As this is the first issue, I need some other members to help me create each issue! If you are interested in joining the News Crew, leave me a message on my wall!


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