Everyone thinks that the Beta Days were the start of Animal Jam. However, the truth is that there was something before that.

Something called the Dark Days.

You see, National Geographic wanted a realistic kids' game. They created "Animal Jamming", which is almost like today's AJ. There were minigames, animals, items, and everything else.  

However, there was one more thing.


They would randomly appear, either catching your animal or shooting it, just like in real life. If you were caught, you were starved in a cage; if you were shot you instantaniously died. If you passed away, then a black screen would appear, deleting your account indefinitely. Your only hope would be to camoflage and pray that they wouldn't find you.
Jamaa real

If your buddy was taken, this would come up.

However, the one thing that neither AJHQ nor the Jammers knew was that the Moderators secretly controlled the hunters. They shot and destroyed as they pleased, paying no heed to the limit of Hunters allowed. They continually attacked, even when not working. In fact, they starved so many Ocelots that HQ declared them "endangered" and then "extinct". 

Eventually a worker found out what was going on. He declared the game "too violent for children" and deleted it, starting over from scratch.

Little did he know that the Hunting Mods were still out there. They introduced a horrible temptation that split Jamaa into a world where peace was destroyed by hate.

They called them Rares.

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